Scarlett Johansson: Net Worth, Husband, Children, Career, Age

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is one of the world’s most popular figures and hollywood’s biggest stars having earned her reputation as a fine and versatile actress who makes box office movies effortlessly. Between 2018 and 2020 she took the position as the world’s highest paid actress after staring in a series of successful and iconic movies. By 2020 her movies had grossed well over 14 billion worldwide putting her in a special category of most successful actors of all time and 9th highest grossing box office star in history.


Scarlett Johansson was born on 22nd November 1984 to American parents in the United States of America and grew up in Manhattan, New York. From an early age, Scarlett displayed her passion and talent in acting and took part in several theatre plays organized by her school and finally got her first stage performance role when she performed as a child actor in Off Broadway. Shortly afterwards she made her Hollywood debut in 1994 when she starred in the comic fantasy movie, NORTH. She never looked back since then and went on to stare in more movies.

Personal and Family Life

Scarlett has been married three times and is currently engaged to Hollywood comedian and actor Collin Jost. She has two children one from her previous marriage and one with Collin Jost

Net Worth

As one of the most successful actress of all time it is expected that Scarlett would have made a good amount of fortune from her career. As at the time of putting together this brief profile, her net worth was estimated to be 156m dollars according to various financial reports and celebrity magazines. In 2019 alone she is reported to have made a whopping 56m Dollars from her movie roles.

Where Is She Now?

Scarlett Johansson is alive and resides in Los Angeles where she has a beautiful plush mansion she purchased for $3m in 2018. The mansion serves as her official residence.

Scarlett Johansson does not have any social media account and is not on any social media platform as she prefers to keep her personal life very private and away from the public eye

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