It Over: T-Pain and Usher Squash Beef

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T-Pain and Usher have quashed their beef.

After a tumultuous history, the two reconciled onstage at a premiere for Dave Chappelle’s new documentary in Atlanta on Sunday (Nov. 21).

“I love you, dude,” T-Pain remarked as Usher approached him. “I’m telling you, dude, we’re not going through nothing. We’re not going through anything. It’s all about love.”

They then exchanged hugs onstage. “When we are most separated, we need to be together the most.” Bro, I adore you. Trust me when I say I’ll always adore you. “That’s my dog.”




T-Pain said earlier this year that he had a chat with Usher in 2013 during which the R&B singer informed him he “fu**ed up music” due to his usage of Auto-Tune.

“He was like, ‘Guy, I’ve got something to tell you, man.'” ‘Man, you sort of fu**ed up music,’ he said. T-Pain described the incident in the Netflix docuseries “This Is Pop.” “I didn’t get it. Usher was a buddy of mine. ‘Nah, dude, you really fu**ed up music for professional vocalists,’ he said.

T-years-long Pain’s struggle with depression was spurred by the harsh words. “It was the exact moment, and I don’t believe I understood it for a long time, but that was the exact moment that launched a four-year depression for me,” T-Pain stated.

Usher previously addressed his remarks, assuring Billboard that he didn’t want to offend anybody.

“I’m glad T-Pain said something — I’m not sure whether it was before or after our actual chat, but it was after I heard what was stated,” he remarked. “It was quite upsetting to learn that he had had such adversity throughout his life.” That is not something I would desire on anybody. Private talks have always served to elevate me. However, when or if others obtain fragments of it, they may always come up with their own interpretation. But we’ve chatted since, and everything is OK.”

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