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Dianne Feinstein’s Net Worth


Dec 1, 2021

What is Dianne Feinstein’s net worth?

Net Worth: $90 Million
Age: 87
Born: June 22, 1933
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Politician
Last Updated: 2021


Dianne Feinstein is a politician from the United States.

Feinstein has been the Senior Senator of the United States since 1992. In 1978, she became the board’s first female president. She took over as mayor when Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated. She was the first woman to hold that role.

Dianne Feinstein’s net worth is expected to be over $90 million in 2021.


Dianne Emiel Goldman was born in San Francisco on June 22, 1933. Goldman is the daughter of Leon Goldman and Betty Goldman. Her paternal grandparents were Polish Jewish immigrants.

Between 1955 to 1956, Goldman was a fellow at the Coro Foundation in San Francisco. She was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969 after serving on the board until 1966.


After the killings, Feinstein found Harvey Milk’s corpse in his office in 1978. She took over as acting mayor. After the Board of Supervisors voted in favor of formally naming her mayor, she was sworn in on December 4, 1978.

After running unsuccessfully for governor, she was elected and entered office as California’s senior senator and America’s first female senator in 1992.

Feinstein has been re-elected to the Senate five times. With 7.75 million votes cast in a U.S. Senate race in 2012, she established a record for the most popular votes cast in a U.S. Senate election.

The California Democratic Party’s executive board voted to back State Senator Kevin de León over Feinstein in the 2018 race, although she subsequently won the “jungle primary.”

She sponsored almost 60 legislation in the Senate during her tenure. She has chaired the Senate Rules Committee and the Senate Narcotics Caucus, as well as the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Chair and Vice-Chair.

Dianne Feinstein’s net worth is expected to be over $90 million in 2021.

Dianne Feinstein’s Spending Habits

Dianne Feinstein is a well-known politician who spends a portion of her money on charitable contributions and real estate.

Dianne Feinstein’s Residence

Feinstein has a stunning 9,500-square-foot property in San Francisco, which she acquired for $16.5 million in 2006. There are five bedrooms, an elevator, and a wine cellar in the villa. She also has a residence in Washington, D.C.

Donations to Dianne Feinstein

Feinstein spent $5 million of her personal money on her reelection campaign.


Here are some of Dianne Feinstein’s professional highlights:

Feinstein was a Coro Foundation fellow in San Francisco (1955-1956)
Légion d’Honneur for Mayor of San Francisco (1978) (1984)
Senior Senator from California (1992)
Award for Special Recognition (2000)
Dianne Feinstein’s Favorite Quotes

“Let the record demonstrate that you are capable of serving as a United States Senator for 21 years.” You can live to be 79 years old. You may be the head of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and one of the most well-known and well-respected seasoned public leaders in your country. However, if you are female while doing all of these things, guys who you beat in fights will still label you crazy and advise you to calm down.” — Senator Dianne Feinstein

“Climate change is a reality. Since the industrial revolution, the Earth’s climate has warmed by 1.1 to 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit. People look at this and think, “Oh, that’s not much.” In reality, it is rather significant, and it alters the dynamic.” — Senator Dianne Feinstein

“Domestic abuse inflicts considerably more agony than outward bruises and scars.” It’s heartbreaking to be mistreated by someone you care about and believe loves you back. Each year, over 3 million cases of domestic abuse are recorded in the United States.” — Senator Dianne Feinstein

“I also understand people’s feelings of powerlessness.” I understand the desire to equip oneself because that is exactly what I did. I had guns training. When my spouse was unwell, I’d walk to the hospital. I was carrying a hidden firearm. If someone was going to attempt to take me out, I was going to take them with me.” — Senator Dianne Feinstein

“In the aftermath of a calamity like Hurricane Katrina, the federal government has a deep commitment to assist individuals in need.” Right now, the victims of Hurricane Katrina need our assistance. Entire towns have been wiped out. Families have been shattered. Many people are still missing. Tens of thousands of people are still homeless.” — Senator Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein Taught Us 4 Political Lessons

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about Dianne Feinstein’s net worth and how she reached success, let’s look at some of the lessons we can take from her:

1. No one is perfect.

We’re not flawless, and there have been some terrible times in our history, but what distinguishes us is that we acknowledge these faults, confront them, and work to correct them.

2. Be Fierce

Toughness does not have to come in the form of a pinstripe suit.

3. Whether You Win Or Lose

While winning isn’t everything, losing has nothing to recommend it.

4. Climate Change

Global warming is a true phenomenon. It’s occurring right now, and our satellites are tracking it. It is being charted by our scientists. Those of us in this body are charting it.


Dianne Feinstein is a California United States Senator who was exposed to politics by an uncle who started bringing her to San Francisco Board of Supervisors meetings.

She had became San Francisco’s first female mayor in 1978, and she was the country’s most prominent and renowned leader since then.

Dianne Feinstein’s net worth is expected to be over $90 million in 2021.