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Anna Kendrick’s Net Worth


Dec 7, 2021

What is Anna Kendrick’s net worth?

Net Worth: $20 Million
Age: 35
Born: August 9, 1985
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actress
Last Updated: 2021


Anna Kendrick’s net worth is estimated to be at $20 million as of 2021.

Anna Cooke Kendrick is a Portland-based Americana actor and singer.

Kendrick started her career as a young performer and had her Broadway debut in 1998 in the musical ‘High Society.’

Kendrick gained to notoriety in The Twilight Saga (2008–2012) for her supporting role as Jessica Stanley.

Anna Kendrick’s net worth is estimated to be at $20 million as of 2021.


Anna Cooke Kendrick was born in Portland, Maine on August 9, 1985.

William Kendrick, Kendrick’s father, was a history teacher, and her mother, Janice, was an accountant.

Her elder brother, Michael Cooke Kendrick, is also an actor. She is descended from a mixture of English, Irish, and Scottish ancestors.

She won a Theatre World Award for her outstanding performance in ‘High Society.’ Additionally, she was nominated for ‘Featured Actress in a Musical’.


Anna Kendrick made her feature film debut in 2003 with ‘Camp.’ She shot to fame in 2008 with her appearance in the iconic romantic fantasy film ‘Twilight’. Katherine Hardwicke directed the picture, which was a box office smash.

The next year, she starred in ‘The Marc Pease Experience,’ which was a commercial flop.

She also reprised her role as Jessica Stanley in the sequel to ‘Twilight’, titled ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’.

She starred in numerous notable films over the next several years, including ’50/50′, ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1’, ‘ParaNorman’, ‘Pitch Perfect’, and ‘Drinking Buddies’.

In 2013, she released a single for her song ‘Cups,’ which she had written for the film ‘Pitch Perfect’. It had soared to enormous prominence, reaching No. 6 on the US Billboard 100. It was also chosen as the official theme music for the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

‘Table 19’, which was released in March 2017, was one of her most recent flicks. The film was directed by Jeffrey Blitz and stars her in the main role. However, it was a commercial failure. Additionally, it earned a majority of unfavorable reviews.

Anna Kendrick’s net worth is $20 million as of 2021.

Anna Kendrick’s Favorite Quotes

“I believe that a gentleman is someone who prioritizes the comfort of others before their own. I think that every decent guy has the inclination to do so. The standards on opening doors, purchasing meals, and other ‘gentlemanly’ behavior are a chess game, particularly these days.” – Anna Kendrick &amp

“While I would never prefer to be teased, I believe it ultimately results in a sense of unity in adulthood. The few individuals I know who were not bullied in school are folks with whom I have nothing in common on a deeper level. There is a level of sensitivity that comes with having experienced being an outsider at some time in one’s life.” – Anna Kendrick &amp

“I believe tights make a reappearance each season out of necessity: you can only go so far in the cold with bare legs!” You must safeguard yourself. I recall attending a fashion presentation and asking the designer, ‘Is it good if I wear naked tights with this?’ He stared at me as if I had just murdered his puppy or something.” – Anna Kendrick &amp

“I believe that every subgenre has its own rock star, and for those enamored with musical theater, Sutton Foster and Audra MacDonald are comparable to Beyonce. I’m sure the world of a cappella has its own version of it, as does every nerdy subculture.” – Anna Kendrick &amp

Anna Kendrick’s Three Inspiring Lessons

Consider some of the most inspiring lessons we may take away from her:

1. It Is Possible To Laugh At Yourself Positively

If you’re still unable to chuckle about the time your braces became entangled in your knitted sweater or when you mispronounced a phrase during your class presentation, Anna Kendrick has a few things to teach you.

This celebrity is well-known for her self-deprecatory wit.

When Kendrick speaks about herself, she is unafraid to declare that she looks like a “hot mess” or to make light of the fact that her high school peers never thought she was attractive.

2. It Is Acceptable To Never Grow Out Of The Insecure Phase

Even if you’re continuously falling over flat sidewalks and fumbling over your own words while conversing with gorgeous individuals, Anna Kendrick advises her readers to appreciate all facets of their personality.

Even if you’re always sarcastic or too shy to have a meaningful conversation with people, those characteristics contribute to your identity.

3. It Is Critical To Have A Sense Of Purpose For Your Work

Anna Kendrick attributes her achievement to a “magical combination” of hard effort and “bad luck.”

Kendrick continued acting despite her seventh-grade teacher’s warning that “the majority of young performers do not succeed as adult actors,” since it was her ambition. Now, she disputes the remark, claiming that “[my instructor] was only trying to terrify me into having a backup plan!”


Anna Kendrick is a phenomenal actress and vocalist. Kendrick is most recognized for her work in Twilight and Pitch Perfect.

She also appeared in the film’s music video for a version of the hit song ‘Cups.’ The song was a great success, reaching No. 6 on the Billboard 100 and No. 2 on the Adult Top 40 in the United States.

Anna Kendrick is estimated to have a net worth of about $20 million as of 2021.

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