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How to Become An Alpha Male & Stop Being A Beta


Dec 7, 2021

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Have you ever pondered what makes guys beta or alpha?

Girls have an uncanny capacity to understand body language and facial expressions. They can usually sense when you’re unhappy long before you say anything.

Scientists say this is because it is in a woman’s tendency to nurture. Girls also have somewhat greater hearing than males, allowing them to hear a broader variety of noises and notice subtle changes in your voice.

According to studies, ladies can read body language two to three times better than men, so good luck hiding it. We live in a world where many guys have developed a beta personality.

Many men have lost touch with their manhood and have resorted to things like calling other men names on the internet.

Males also don’t meet face to face as frequently as they used to because of advances in technology; and some guys are inadvertently demonstrating all of the indications of a beta man.

Yet they are perplexed as to why they aren’t receiving any attention from females or why they can’t manage to snag a girl for good.

5 Characteristics of Beta Males

If she thinks you’re showing the sides of a beta man, don’t give up hope. There’s a possibility you’ve just lost touch with your masculinity. And now it’s time to reclaim it.

The alpha male is the most highly regarded animal in his social group.

The main distinction between human alpha males and animal alpha males is that people must acquire the proper mental state. Muscle mass isn’t always necessary.

Of course, it helps, but in the actual world, even tiny males may become alphas. You just need to comprehend the differences between alphas and betas before switching from one to the other.

Here are five characteristics shared by beta males:

1. The Gentleman

A typical beta man is a pleasant individual. No, the issue isn’t being pleasant. The issue is that this person is just too pleasant all of the time. Even though there is no reason for him to be.

Everything in life is about moderation. It makes no difference whether it is about being aggressive or passive. There are moments when we all need to be kind, but the beta guy believes he has to be nice all of the time.

Not because he is a naturally lovely guy, but because he believes this is the greatest approach to get everyone to like you. He’s always friendly to everyone, in every scenario, and that’s a problem.

2. Lack of Self-Belief

The second key symptom of a beta man is doubting your abilities.

They lack the sheer confidence that alphas possess, so they continually second-guess themselves. They also create reasons for not doing something even though they are capable of doing it.

A perfect illustration of this is continuously seeking approval from the new girlfriend. How can we expect ladies to trust the beta if he isn’t even confident in his ability to clothe himself?

3. Putting the needs of others ahead of his own

The beta male’s third common attribute is placing everyone else’s wants ahead of his own. Again, as previously said, success is all about moderation.

The difficulty is that if you can’t select when to prioritize your own needs above those of others, you’re not taking care of yourself. And how can you expect to take care of the lady you love, or even attract her, if you aren’t taking care of yourself?

4. Concerned About What Others May Think

The fourth characteristic shared by the majority of beta guys is a preoccupation with what other people think.

This was something I used to do all the time. And I couldn’t try something I thought I may like because I didn’t want to make a mistake and be laughed at.

At the end of the day, if you can overcome this apprehension, you’ll be well on your way to being an alpha. The explanation for this is because those who do not have this fear are able to pursue their goals without hesitation. And they don’t give up even when they face setbacks.

5. He is secretive and does not express his desires.

The sixth indicator of a beta man is that he is secretive and does not express his feelings to others.

Beta men are exactly like the rest of us. They have wants, objectives, and job goals, but they keep these things to themselves because they are terrified of being evaluated by others. He lacks the self-assurance to share his dreams with the rest of the world.

What If I Possess Some Beta Male Traits?

Some men only exhibit one or two of these characteristics. However, in many circumstances, having just one of these characteristics increases your chances of possessing all four.

5 Characteristics of Alpha Males

I’ve got wonderful news for you if you’re purposefully presenting the characteristics of a beta man. You may begin working on yourself to recapture the title of alpha man. But first, you must comprehend what it means to be the alpha man.

1. Self-assurance

Confidence is what distinguishes the alpha guy from the beta male. Most of the other prerequisites of the alpha will fall into place if you can master this one attribute.

In whatever setting, the alpha thinks highly of himself. And, although he is not always correct or faultless, he believes in his abilities regardless of what others think.

2. Not Easily Offended

The second aspect of the alpha is that he is not easily humiliated. He doesn’t have to be concerned about what other people think. And he’s not afraid to make fun of himself. The alpha is capable of speaking out and, if necessary, defying social rules.

3. Masculinity

Masculinity is the alpha’s third facet. The alpha guy is a true gentleman. Real guys come in a variety of forms and sizes. They are dominant and confident among females since they are leaders.

The alpha is not nasty or a jerk, but he knows what he wants and goes for it.

With this frame of mind, he is effective in areas where beta guys struggle. The alpha is straightforward and honest. He isn’t scared to say what he thinks, and he communicates in a straightforward manner.

The alpha guy is also gregarious, having a dynamic personality that enables him to interact with people of all sorts.

4. Is Not Afraid of Taking Risks

Another distinguishing feature that distinguishes the alpha from the beta is his willingness to take risks.

He isn’t scared to take chances, no matter how large or little. He understands that success comes solely from taking risks, which is why he isn’t scared to fail.

What It Takes to Become an Alpha Male

Now that you know what the distinctions between beta and alpha guys are, it’s time to become an alpha! You must understand certain basic processes that will assist you in shifting into the position of the alpha:

1. Face Your Fears Instead of Running From Them

To become the alpha man, you must confront your concerns and quit fleeing them. Self-inhibition and impassiveness are at the heart of every beta guy.

Fear may manifest itself in a variety of ways:

Let’s imagine you want to approach a lovely lady, but you begin to worry about all the things that may go wrong. You then forsake the notion, and your dread has planted a seed within your head at that very time.

That small seed will sprout and flourish the next time you want to take a risk for yourself but are too afraid to do so. It will become so large that it will take over your whole existence.

Before you realize it, the dread will be so strong that approaching a beautiful female will be impossible.

The incredible thing is that this massive tree of terror sprang from a fictitious seed. The fear didn’t exist in the first place, but you gave it the ability to dwell within your head.

To be an alpha guy, you must continually confront your concerns. Never be scared to stand up for yourself, even if you don’t have to.

2. Accept and Handle Conflict

The second step toward being an alpha is to accept confrontation.

There will always be disagreements in your life. Conflict will find a way to surface regardless of who you are or what kind of mentality you have. And if it occurs, you should be prepared to deal with it.

Learn to notice, accept, and cope with disagreement rather than becoming hostile.

3. Accept Yourself

The third step in becoming an alpha guy is to get over yourself.

Essentially, what I mean is to quit being bashful, afraid, and feeling inadequate. You can’t be an alpha if you’re always overthinking everything and allowing little issues to bother you.

4. Develop Your Assertiveness

Learning to be aggressive is the fourth stage in establishing the alpha attitude. To put it another way, advocate for oneself without being confrontational or passive.

Many men have difficulty doing this right. They either exhibit hostility, which causes others to mistrust their intellect, or they do not. Or they will behave passively, making women question their abilities to give and protect.


Just because you don’t currently possess the traits of an alpha male, doesn’t mean you can’t become one. Hopefully this article has helped you to identify some of the areas where you might be tripping up, and improve them.

Here’s a quick recap on the 5 common traits of beta males:

  1. The nice guy
  2. Lack of confidence
  3. Putting everybody else’s needs before his own
  4. Worried about what others think
  5. Secretive & does not make his desires known

Here’s a quick recap of the 4 common traits of all alpha males:

  1. Confidence
  2. Not easily embarrassed
  3. Masculinity
  4. Isn’t afraid to take risks

And here’s a quick recap of the 4 steps to becoming an alpha male:

  1. Face your fears, don’t run from them
  2. Accept & deal with conflict
  3. Get over yourself
  4. Learn to be assertive

Are you trying to become an alpha male? Leave a comment below.