9 Businesses You Can Start with Little or No Capital as entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs with little or no capital are unable to achieve their ambition of having their own business, and only a few have the confidence to begin with such a small amount of money.

Africa’s entrepreneurs frequently face difficulties obtaining funding. Small enterprises, due to their inherent entrepreneurial talents, are known to have a stable and growing economic standing in society.

This article will give entrepreneurs with nine low-cost business ideas.


Pre-select your students – youngsters, adults, or the elderly – and then prepare yourself accordingly so that you can have a positive impact. To be safe, teach any of the groups that you can readily understand and handle. To start this business, you don’t need any money, but you will need patience, love, and discipline.


One of the best business ideas for entrepreneurs is consulting. It may be started for little or no money. Existing firms almost always need professional counsel from a consultant. Regardless of your field of study, you can conduct research to improve your knowledge on a certain topic and then provide solutions to businesses seeking solutions.

Writing of Content

You can make a living writing if you enjoy it. Companies, journals, magazines, and blogs can all benefit from your work. E-copies of your book can also be written and sold. For a price, you may provide online copywriting and editing services. You can also start a blog and specialize on a certain area, such as finance, business, or entertainment. To get your business going, you only need a computer and access to the internet.

Tour Guide/Travel Agency

The majority of people are too preoccupied to buy their flight tickets or hotel accommodations, leaving travel firms with a slew of work. A travel agent’s and a tour guide’s services can be combined. Assist visitors with directions, local cultures, and food vendors in the places they’re visiting. It’s a rewarding work, and by being both charismatic and competent, you may develop your business from a one-man shop to a multi-national corporation.

Agency for Hiring

Every small and large firm requires labor, and you may help employees and job seekers find each other. You can offer temporary and permanent staffing, as well as candidate selection. On this one, all you’ll need is an internet-connected PC and a smart phone.

Marketing through the Internet

You can utilize various social media platforms to advertise as long as you have access to the internet in today’s society, when everything has been digitalized. Business owners can advertise their products to your audience after you have your own personal internet sharing platform. Apart from Google AdWords and other sponsored advertisements, you can offer products and/or services through your social media accounts, particularly Facebook and Instagram.

Organizing  Event

Birthdays, bridal/baby showers, and other special occasions are all celebrated on a regular basis. Begin with assisting family and friends with little parties, and as your experience grows, you’ll be able to manage corporate hospitality events and even weddings. Vendors, interior decorators, caterers, MCs, DJs, and ushers who will collaborate closely with you are required to succeed in this field.


Agent for Real Estate

Real estate agents make a lot of money renting and selling properties in big cities like Lagos, Port-Harcourt, and Abuja, where houses/lands are in high demand. You’ll need patience, hard effort, and time to look for available homes and people who need them when you first start this business.

Instructor of Fitness

Staying in shape has become the new sexy, and more individuals are realizing the value of exercise. Running a fitness/aerobic center needs extensive research and planning. In order to train people, you must first be trained, and there are a million and one videos available online that provide training on various workout methods. You can hold your classes in your compound, on a quiet street, in front of a commercial building, on a rooftop, or any other open space.


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