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I’ll discuss two points in this essay. “How to access Access Bank Internet Banking and download the Access Bank Mobile App”. Banking transactions have been facilitated by the usage of the internet. This page offers all of the information you need to get started with access bank mobile banking.
I’ll walk you through the process of registering for Access Bank Internet Banking and activating their mobile banking app. With the access bank mobile app, you may conduct transactions, send money, pay bills, and pay your employees.


This is not to be confused with Access Bank transfer codes or Access Bank USD banking. Access bank online banking allows transactions in excess of a million naira per day, whereas access bank transfer codes (bank transactions using ussd codes) are restricted to one hundred thousand.

This page offers direct download links for the Access Bank Mobile Application for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Java-enabled devices.

Access Bank Internet Banking Features


• Access bank online banking is a secure and safe method of banking.

• They are extremely dependable and simple to operate.

• It alleviates the tension associated with bank visits.

• You may purchase more airtime for yourself or others.

• It will be used to pay bills.

• If you are trapped in a city and are seeking for an access bank, you may use it to locate one.

• You may make amusing transfers in excess of one million naira. The daily maximum is two million naira.

• You may use it to purchase airline tickets online.


Registration Requirements for Access Bank Online Banking

If you are using an Internet banking platform or a mobile banking application, the following information applies to you.

• You must be a current Access Bank customer. Whether it’s a checking or savings account

• The phone number and email address associated with the access bank account must be current.

• Access to a smart phone is necessary ( android, IOS etc)

• A valid ATM card

How To Become A Registered User Of Access Bank Bank Internet Banking


To register for access bank online banking, follow the steps below.

• To register for internet banking with Access Bank, CLICK HERE

• You will be connected to their official website, where you may register by clicking on the REGISTER NOW option.

• In the box given, enter your account number. Ascertain that you have entered the proper account number. This is used to confirm that you are the account holder. To proceed, click Next.

• Now, select whether your account is a savings or a current account. Continue and click the Next button.

• An email and SMS will be sent to the phone number associated with your access bank account. This is to ensure that you are not being impersonated at all.

• If the email or SMS has a code, enter it in the relevant field and click Submit.

• Once the validity of the code has been established. Following that, you’ll be led to a website where you may select your desired online banking ID, password, and security image ( a picture).

• After entering your desired internet banking ID, password, and a secure image. Accepting Access Bank’s internet banking terms and conditions is now necessary. Once you’ve accepted, click the SUBMIT button.

• Upon successful registration, you will receive and mail from Access bank. Now, you can easily log in and do banking activities.

You can do the preceding steps offline by visiting your bank and requesting an online banking form. It should be filed and submitted. The bank’s customer service department will handle the above in accordance with the measures described above. It will take them days due to the volume of services they must cater to.

How To Install The Access Bank Mobile Application


The following are direct links to download the Access bank mobile app on any device.

Android – Click here to download the App

iOS – Click here to download the App

Blackberry – Click here to download the App


Log in with your internet banking username and password after installing the app. After a successful login, you may begin using online banking.