Codes for Glo Data Plan Subscriptions and price

List of subscription codes and costs for the Glo data plan. What are the codes and prices for Glo’s data plans?

Are you interested in learning about Glo’s numerous Data bundle plans, which are designed to meet your daily data requirements without breaking the bank on a super fast 4G+ network? There are a wide variety of Internet bundles and prices available from the data king? How well do these plans operate with modems, routers, and portable routers?

Subscribe, check your data balance, and choose from a variety of monthly, weekly, and daily data plans are all covered in this guide (WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Bundles, Twitter & Facebook). Both mobile and computer devices, televisions, and other internet-enabled devices are compatible with these plans.

How do I subscribe to GLO Data Plan

You can subscribe to any GLO data Plans via the following channels:



1.USSD: Dialling *777# and selecting your preferred data plan
2.Or visit
3.Or visit Glocafe app
4.Or SMS menu keyword to 127

List of Glo Data Plans, Prices

1. Daily Plans

₦50/1 day=== 45MB+5MB*=50MB
₦100/1 day====115MB+35MB*=150MB

2. Weekly Data Plans

₦200/2 days ==== 240MB + 110MB* = 350MB
₦500/14 days ==== 800MB + 1GB* = 1.8GB

3. Monthly Data Plans

₦1000/30 days === 1.9GB + 2GB* = 3.9GB
₦1,500/30 days === 3.5GB + 4GB* = 7.5GB
₦2,000/30 days === 5.2GB + 4GB* = 9.2GB
₦2,500/30 days === 6.8GB + 4GB* = 10.8GB
₦3,000/30 days === 10GB + 4GB* = 14GB
₦4,000/30 days === 14GB + 4GB* = 18GB
₦5,000/30 days === 20GB + 4GB* = 24GB
₦8,000/30 days === 27.5GB + 2GB* = 29.5GB
₦10,000/30 days === 46GB + 4GB* = 50GB
₦15,000/30 days === 86GB + 7GB* = 93GB
₦18,000/30 days === 109GB + 10GB* = 119GB
₦20,000/30 days === 126GB + 12GB* = 138GB

4. Mega Data Plans

N30,000/30 days==== 225GB
N36,000/30 days==== 300GB
N50,000/30 days ==== 425GB
N60,000/120 days ====525GB
N75,000/120 days==== 675GB
N100,000/1 year ===== 1TB

5. Special Data

N300/1 day === 1GB
N500/2 days==== 2GB
N200/ Sunday=== 1.25GB
N1500 / 7Days === 7GB
N25 / 12am to 5am 1 day validity==== 250MB
N50 / 12am to 5am 1 day validity === 500MB
N100 / 12am to 5 days validity === 1GB

6. WTF Bundle (WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook)

N25/1 Day === 100MB
N50/7 Days ==== 200MB
N100/30 Days=== 500MB

7. YouTube Bundles

N50/1 Day === 100MB
N100/7 Days ==== 200MB
N250/30 Days === 500MB

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8. Single Bundles – Instagram

N25/1 Day === 20MB
N50/7 Days ==== 50MB
N100/30 Days === 125MB

9. Single Bundles – TikTok

N25/1 Day === 20MB
N50/7 Days === 50MB
N100/30 Days ==== 125MB

10. Social Bundles – Telegram

N25/1 Day ==== 20MB
N50/7 Days ==== 50MB
N100/30 Days ==== 125MB

How do I check my Glo Data Plan balance?

You will be able to check your Glo data bundle balance via the following channels:

1.SMS: info to 127
2.USSD: Dialling *777# or *127*0#
3. Visit

How to cancel Glo auto-renewal?

You will be able to cancel auto-renewal on your plan anytime by sending the
cancel keyword to 127 OR Visit

Will I be able to rollover my unused main data Plan?

Glo subscribers will be able to roll over any unused main data bundle as long as you buy another bundle before the current bundle expires or within the allowed grace period after the bundle expires BUT you will NOT be able rollover any unused data bonus.

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Can I share my Glo Data Plan?

Glo subscribers will be able to share their data plan. They can add upto 5 people to share data

1.USSD: *777# or 127*01*MSISDN to add a number
2.SMS: share (Space) MSISDN to 127
3. Or visit glocafe app
4.Or visit
5. 30 Days – 7 days rollover

How do I opt in and out for Glo PAYGO browsing?

To opt in forGlo PAYG browsing, simply; Dial *108*1#. and you can opt out of PAYGO browsing, simply Dial *108*2#




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