Download Ecobank Mobile App – Ecobank Mobile Banking Guide

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If you’re looking for a link to the Ecobank Mobile App, you’ve come to the right place. This page includes a direct download link for the Ecobank mobile banking application. I’ve prepared an Ecobank mobile banking guide. Discover how to do mobile transactions on your smartphone. You are not need to visit a bank or an ATM to conduct business.
I’ve produced a comprehensive guide on Ecobank bank transfer codes and an Internet banking tutorial for Ecobank. These are systems that enable you to make payments from the convenience of your home. Remember that you may pay your bills online. Have you run out of airtime or are you interested in subscribing to your television decoder? Yes, you can accomplish it from the comfort of your own home.

Ecobank’s mobile banking platform is comprised of two components: an app and a code platform. The app platform enables you to conduct transactions using the Ecobank official mobile app on your smartphone. While the code platform, unlike the app platform, does not require an Internet connection. You may conduct mobile transactions using the code platform by utilizing USSD codes. Though daily transactions are limited, in comparison to the app platform, which allows for a greater number of transactions.

Following the steps below will enable you to experience more secure mobile banking.

Ecobank’s Mobile Application Features

• Money deposits and withdrawals

• Make financial transactions with friends and family members. You may request as well as use the platform to be compensated for your labor.

• You will receive an email message as soon as your account has been credited.

• You have the ability to purchase airtime from any network at any time.

• Pay bills, purchase goods, and services.

• Verify the balance of your account and your bank statement.

Ecobank Mobile Banking Requirements

• You must have an ecobank account. Whether it’s a checking or savings account

• The phone number and email address associated with the access bank account must be current.

• Access to a smart phone is necessary ( android, IOS etc)

• A valid ATM card


Download Link for Ecobank’s Mobile Application


The link below will take you directly to the Ecobank online banking app for your smartphone. While downloading, select your device type.

Download Ecobank Mobile Money app from the Play Store(Android)

Download Ecobank Mobile Money app from the App Store (iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod)

How To Create An Ecobank App Account

After installing the app, log in with your Ecobank online banking credentials if you already have one. If you haven’t already done so, follow the steps below to register for and activate your ecobank mobile banking app.

• After installing the program from one of the above-mentioned app shops.

• Download and install it.

• You will be redirected to a login page ( login if you are a registered user). If you haven’t already registered, click the register button.

• You will then be directed to a page where you can begin your registration.

• Now, input your information as displayed. Ascertain that you type your information accurately. Verify your registration information before proceeding to the next phase.

• Upon registration, you will be able to login and conduct transactions.

• Protect your pin and enjoy safe mobile banking.


Code for Ecobank Mobile Banking

With the Ecobank mobile banking code, you may execute transactions such as purchasing airtime, paying bills, and subscribing to pay TV. To enable Ecobank mobile banking, please refer to the instructions below.

Dial *326# and enter the phone number used to open your Ecobank account.

Then choose money transfer.

Now, enter the recipient’s account number and bank information. Ascertain that you enter the recipient’s information accurately.

Confirm the recipient’s complete information and proceed to finish your transaction.

To authorize the transaction, enter your four-digit pin.

You have now successfully finished your transaction.

Ecobank Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions ( Both APP & Code Platform)

What if I misplace my phone, tablet, or laptop?

If your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is lost or stolen, it is highly improbable that someone will get access to your banking account information unless they also have your Online Banking user name and password.

Am I charged for transactions made using the Ecobank mobile application?

Mobile Money, Interfunds transfers, card P2P services, and Ecobank Africa transactions all incur charges.

What if I misplace my PIN?

On the APP, click the Forgot PIN option, then click Call Now to have the contact center reset your PIN.

What do I do if my phone goes missing?

Your APP can be accessed only by a person who is aware of your PIN. However, you can remove a profile by contacting the contact center.

What should I do if my PIN has been compromised?

Change your PIN by going to ‘Account Settings’.

When I use the Ecobank Mobile App, how can I obtain cash?

You may withdraw cash by creating an e-token using the Ecobank Mobile app’s Xpress Cash feature, which you can redeem at any Ecobank-branded ATM or Xpress Agent Point.

What should I do if I forget my PIN?

Please pick Reset PIN from the ‘Other Services’ menu on the bottom tab of the screen. Then, using your preferred means of PIN reset, such as a debit card, RIB credentials, or answering security questions, proceed.