Download First Bank Mobile App 2022

The official First Bank Mobile app for smartphone banking is FirstMobile.
First Bank’s official mobile banking smartphone application is called First Mobile. It gives First Bank account users easy access to both financial and non-financial transactions via their mobile phones/devices. Naira MasterCard and/or Verve cardholders having a First Bank account can use the service.
The App is elegant and easy to use, as evidenced by its simple enrolling process, which allows all First Bank customers with Verve and Naira MasterCards to start using it without needing to visit a bank. It’s also on track to provide a more secure and convenient digital banking experience.


The Benefits of the First Bank Mobile App

• Overview of the account

• Card administration

• Transfer of funds to First Bank accounts

• Transfers of funds to other Nigerian bank accounts

• Overview of the account

• Repayments on credit cards

• Initial Bank Wire Transfer

• Request for an account statement

• Recharge your phone’s battery

• Payment for cable television

• Payment of Bills

• Services for Cheques

• Flight Booking Services, and so on… Yes, it’s extremely likely.

• In a matter of minutes, you’ll be ready to go:


For Android and iPhone, use the First Bank Mobile App.

Download First Bank Mobile App For Android & Iphone

Download For Android – CLICK HERE


How to Download and Install the First Bank Mobile App

Users of First Bank Online Banking can download the First Bank Mobile App. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to create an account before you begin. Enroll in Online Banking in just a few simple steps and begin using our secure online services. Your information is just as protected online as it is in the vault.



From the Play Store, you can download the free First Bank mobile app for your Apple or Android device (tablet or phone). Enrolling in First Bank’s mobile banking service is free. However, depending on your data plan, your mobile service provider may charge normal prices.


• Install and log in to the app after it has been downloaded.

• You must agree to the Terms & Conditions.

• As a first-time user, you will be required to register. After you enter your MasterCard or Verve Card information, an OTP code will be delivered to your phone, allowing you to complete the registration process. To use the mobile banking app, complete the registration process.

• Look for a text message confirming your mobile and text banking enrolment.

• You’ve successfully enrolled in mobile banking!

How to Use the First Bank App to Make Your First Transaction

You can use the app to conduct a variety of transactions from the comfort of your own home. This means you won’t have to wait in long lines at ATMs or banks to accomplish various transactions.

Simply follow these procedures to transfer/send money to other persons or accounts using the First Mobile app:

• Launch/open the mobile app

• Select “Transfers” from the drop-down menu.

• Choose the account from which the transaction will be made: Customers that have multiple accounts activated on the app would appreciate this feature.

• Select the bank or financial institution to which you will be sending the funds.

• Fill in the beneficiary’s information (account number and name). After you enter the account number, the app will search for the account’s owner and display their name (if valid).

• Type in the amount you’re sending, as well as a brief remark or description (optional, but helpful when paying for anything).

• For a thorough evaluation, you’ll be presented an overview of the transaction you’re about to conduct.

• After you’ve double-checked the details, enter your PIN and tap the “Transfer” button to finish the transaction.