FCMB USSD Codes For Transaction

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In this post, I will answer questions about FCMB Transfer Code 2022, fcmb transfer code to other bank, how to activate fcmb transfer code, how to register fcmb transfer code, fcmb ussd code for recharge, fcmb ussd code to check balance, and fcmb transfer pin.

You may effortlessly transfer funds from your FCMB account to another Nigerian bank. Using your FCMB USSD code for mobile banking, you may buy airtime, pay bills, and make other operations. You don’t need an Internet connection to enjoy this; all you need is a phone with an FCMB account.

FCMB is Africa’s largest bank, and they are the finest in terms of customer service. They have been giving their consumers with essential banking tools. The launch of FCMB ussd code for instant banking allows you to perform transactions from the comfort of your own home.

This page goes into depth about the FCMB USSD Code and how to use mobile banking.

What Can FCMB USSD Code 2022 Be Used For?
Make payments online and get an e-statement
Purchase phone airtime
Money may be transferred into and out of your FCMB account.

How to Enroll in FCMB Mobile Banking ( FCMB Transfer Code Activation )

The procedure outlined below is for people who have not yet activated their phone number in order to utilize the FCMB USSD Code. The phone number must be associated with an FCMB account ( the phone number must be used to open FCMB bank account). If yes, proceed with the instructions below…

Enter *389*214#, FCMB will send you a welcome message with a menu choice given below.

1. Use a card to activate
2. Account Activation
3. Use Mwallet to activate

Select option 2 (activate with account), and then proceed by emailing your response.
A new message will appear on the screen, prompting you to input the account number you want to add to the service.
Once you have accurately input your account number and sent a response. You will shortly get a notice stating, “Congratulations, you have been successfully synced.”
Now, dial *389*214# on the phone.
Select Security. Change PIN to input your default four-digit PIN and your new four-digit PIN. Please provide a four-digit number that is easy to remember. If you use a tricky pin and then forget about it. It will lead to a trip to the bank. Meeting with a customer support representative to assist you in resolving the issue. Please keep your pin safe to prevent fraud.

You may now experience mobile banking by entering the FCMB USSD code into your phone. Money may be transferred easily from an FCMB account to another bank account.

How to Transfer Funds From FCMB to Other Financial Institutions

I’m confident you followed the instructions above to set up your phone number for FCMB USSD banking. So, if that’s the case, you’re only a few steps away from transferring funds/money to your selected account number. This is not difficult; you just need to call a few lines of codes.

To transfer funds from your FCMB account to another bank in Nigeria, call *389*214#. To complete your purchase, follow the instructions on your phone’s screen.


To transfer money, enter *329*Amount*Account number#.

Make sure you provide the relevant beneficiary information, such as the account number, bank name, and the transfer pin you generated before.

FCMB USSD Code To Check Balance – How To Check The Balance Of Your FCMB Account

Do you want to use your phone to check your bank balance? This works great on smart phones, tablets, and other phones that support dialing codes.

To check your bank balance, call *389*214# and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to Purchase Airtime with FCMB USSD Banking in 2022

Are you out of credit? If so, please accept my apologies. You may recharge your phone or the phone of a buddy straight from the bank. *329*amount#, for example, *328*200#

Dial *329*amount*phone number# to recharge a third party ( use this method when you want to recharge any phone number not registered with FCMB).