Fidelity Bank Internet Banking 2022 | Download Fidelity Bank Mobile App

I’ll demonstrate how to register for Fidelity Bank Internet Banking and how to utilize the Fidelity Bank Mobile App in this post. You may do banking transactions from the convenience of your own home. If you’ve been looking for information on how to register for fidelity online banking, you’ve come to the right place. Not to worry; this page offers comprehensive instructions on how to register for and activate Fidelity bank’s online banking and mobile banking services.

Fidelity bank is one of Nigeria’s largest financial institutions. They provide excellent customer service and a strong financial network. This article will cover all you need to know about the Fidelity Bank Mobile App, including how to download and activate it.


Not to be forgotten is the Fidelity bank. Internet banking is identical to the Fidelity Bank mobile application. You may access online banking using the smartphone app. This website gives a direct link to the Fidelity bank mobile application for various devices.


Online banking with Fidelity Banking is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Banking is available to you from anywhere in the globe.

The Advantages Of Fidelity’s Online Banking

The following are the primary advantages of using the Fidelity bank online banking app.

• Self-Transfer in the Absence of Token Response

• Transfers of Funds to Fidelity and Other Bank Accounts

• Funds Transfer in Foreign Currency

• Reliable Bill Payment (e.g. DSTV, PHCN, Airpeace, Quickteller Merchants, Remita Billers, e.t.c.)

• Payments in Bulk to Up to 1000 Beneficiaries at Once! Ideal for Paying Employees and Vendors

• Customize Your Profile Display Picture, and much more!

• Purchase of airtime

· Protect Beneficiaries

• Managing Transaction Capacity

• Access the Accounts Summary

• Time and energy savings in account management

• Download Accounts Statements in a Variety of Formats

• Configure Fidelity Corporate Online Banking with Multiple Authorization Levels (Workflow)


Fidelity Bank Internet Banking Requirements


The following are the requirements for setting up an internet banking profile with Fidelity bank.

• You must have an account with Fidelity Bank. Whether it’s a checking or savings account

• The phone number and email address associated with the access bank account must be current.

• Access to a smart phone is necessary ( android, IOS etc)

• A valid ATM card


How To Sign Up For Internet Banking With Fidelity Bank


You may enroll in Fidelity bank online banking by acquiring a registration form from your local bank. Complete and submit the form. Due to their workload, it will take them days to activate the procedure for you.



You can activate and register on your own by following the instructions below.


CLICK HERE to register for Fidelity Bank’s online banking services.

• When the website loads, you’ll need to complete three steps to register.

• Enter your account number; double-check that you have entered the proper information. Fidelity Bank will give you a code through text message to the phone number associated with the bank account.

• The next step is to create a password and a username. Additionally, you will develop questions and answers that will be used to reset your password or in the event of an insecurity incident.

• You are now finished; you will receive an email from the bank informing you that you have successfully enrolled for internet banking. Now, download the Fidelity bank mobile app.

• Take use of digital banking.

How to Install the Fidelity Bank Mobile Application

To download the Fidelity online banking app, click on the link below. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices.


For Android – Download the Fidelity Bank Mobile App

For Blackberry – Download the Fidelity Bank App

For IOS – Download Fidelity Bank Online Banking App