Fidelity bank Tips – How to pay bills and block account & ATM Card

Would you like to figure out how to take care of bills, for example, DSTV, Gotv, power, Airline, Remita Billers and a lot more from Fidelity bank whenever it might suit you. You can keep away from the pressure of traffic, lines, delays at the financial corridor or retail agent.

Paying your bills is now so easy and convenient. You don’t even need to have an internet connection to pay your bills when you pay Using *770# but you can also pay via fidelity bank Online Banking and mobile app.

It is currently so natural and advantageous to Pay your bills. You don’t for even a moment need to have  internet connection to take care of your bills when you pay Using *770# yet you can likewise pay through fidelity bank Online Banking and mobile app.

With fidelity bank digital banking, you can Manage your account on-the-go with Online Banking and app. With 24/7 access to the account.You can carry out the following transactions:



1. Funds Transfer
2. Bill Payment
3. Airtime Purchase
4. Balance Enquiry
5. Mini Statement

These articles will guide you on how to pay bills in three different methods as a fidelity bank customer.

1. Pay Bills Using *770#

To pay bills from fidelity bank account using mobile ussd code a bill, just dial
*770*Code*Smart Card number*Amount#

Example: Let assume you want to pay for the DSTV 13,000 package. All you need is pick up your phone, dial *770*1099*41232256380*13000#to pay for a ₦13000 DStv plan

2, Mobile app

If you haven’t download Fidelity Online Banking App kindly do that from either play store or IOS and register with your information along with your account number and debit card

1. login to your account
2. Tap bills payment
3. Select the billers you want to pay from the menu account to debit
5. enter the information of the recipient and verify to make sure all is correct
6.Enter your PIN to confirm payment

Online banking

kindly register for Online banking and set your username and password that will enable you login

1. Login with your username and password
2. select bills payment from the menu
3.Input the biller information
4. select account to debit
5. verify if the information you enter is correct
6. confirm you payment

How to Block Cards and Secure account

Are you aware that fidelity bank customers can Secure their account by blocking either account or block their ATM card whenever their account is compromise or when they misplace their card or phone

To block your fidelity bank accounts, dial *770*08012345678# while to Block Your debit Card dial *770*911

This will allows you secure your account promptly when your phone gets stolen or missing and it provide Instant security for your funds. that means you don’t need to enter the banking hall

How to change PIN

Do you want to learn how you can change your fidelity bank ussd code when your PIN is compromised or Do you feel the need to change it.You can Change your current PIN whenever you feel it has been compromised or disclosed to a 3rd party.

To change or reset your Fidelity bank PIN, dial *770*00# and follow the prompt message block account, Fidelity Bank, Pay bills



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