Here Is How GCB Mobile Banking Is Done

Ghana Commercial Bank mobile banking has expanded banking transactions inside the Ghana Commercial Bank sector since its start. The goal of this GCB tutorial is to teach you how to use GCB mobile banking.

Ghana Commercial Bank’s mobile banking platform offers clients and non-customers with a simple and rapid method to conduct financial transactions. Its benefits are many.

Every GCB account holder who has registered and enabled the mobile banking platform gets access to the GCB USSD banking area.
The remainder of this paragraph will focus on how to use Ghana Commercial Bank mobile banking.


What Is Ghana Commer Bank’s USSD Code for Mobile Banking?

Instead of GCB, the Ghana Commercial Bank has given a centralized platform for its clients to conduct financial transactions.

*422# is the USSD code. After you’ve enabled the platform, dial it to get access to all the delights on the GCB USSD banking area.

Ghana Commercial Bank Requirements Banking using USSD

You will need the following to utilize the Ghana Commercial Bank USSD banking platform:

1. a working mobile phone

2. SIM card for registration

3. Account Title

4. Account No.

5. Your cell phone number.

How Does GCB Mobile Banking Work?

Here’s how GCB mobile banking works:

1. Visit any GCB branch in your area.

2. Inform any GCB official that you wish to sign up for mobile banking.

3. You will be provided the Ghana Commercial Bank Mobile Banking application form to complete.

4. Carefully fill out the forms with the correct information, and feel free to seek assistance from a GCB representative if you encounter any difficulties.

5. Submit the form along with any extra papers that are requested.

6. You will be registered for Ghana Commercial Bank Mobile Banking by an official.

Following registration, you will need to activate the mobile banking area by following the procedures outlined below:

To Activate Ghana Commercial Bank, Follow These Steps Banking using USSD

1. Dial *422# on the phone number associated with your Ghana Commercial Bank account.

2. Choose option 1 (GCB mobile banking) and transmit.

3. Fill in your account number.

4. To finish the activation procedure, go to the next step.

When this is completed, you will be able to use the Ghana Commercial Bank mobile banking platform for your financial transactions.