How Do I Close My Chime Account?

Are you a user of chime who does not know how to close your account? No need to worry. Chime does not provide any instructions on their website, so the question “How do I close my Chime account?” may be on a user’s mind, but this is not a problem.

The consistent demand for an answer to the question “How do I close my Chime account?” prompted us to conduct extensive research to provide our readers with the most effective solution. The procedure I will describe to close your Chime bank account is straightforward and simple.


How do I Close my Chime Account?



The Chime online bank app boasts of being the most convenient and user-friendly one available in the United States. In addition, the process of creating a Chime account demonstrates a high level of simplicity and convenience. However, this level of simplicity evaporates when it comes to closing a Chime bank account. You can search every section and tab on the Chime app, but I’m willing to bet that you won’t find anything. Nevertheless, you can delete your Chime bank account without difficulty. Let’s get over it in detail.

First Technique


• Ensure that there is no remaining balance in your Chime bank account.

• If you want to ensure a smooth deletion, you must transfer all of your Chime account’s funds out of it. You could transfer this to either your PayPal or Cash App account.

Second Technique

1. Disconnect all accounts from Chime

2. Before doing anything else, disconnect all accounts that are linked to your Chime bank account. This is to prevent fees from being applied and money from being mysteriously transferred.

Before deleting your Chime bank account, we strongly suggest that you disconnect all other accounts from your Chime bank account. There may be cards associated with the account, but it’s more likely that it’s linked to other banks. The only reason we recommend disconnecting them all is to avoid any unneeded hassle with accidental fees.

4.Now that all accounts and cards linked to your Chime bank account have been disconnected, it is time to request that the account be deleted.

Third Technique

Check the payment history to ensure there are no outstanding payments. If there is a payment due, cancel it.


Fourth Technique


Make sure your Chime balance is positive. If the balance is negative, you will be required to settle your debts first.


Fifth Method


1. Send Chime an email

The only way to delete a Chime bank account is to submit a request to do so. You can accomplish this in two ways, but we recommend that you do both.

Sending an email to Chime is the initial step. Their email address is It would be helpful if the subject of the email was made crystal clear. We recommend “Request Account Deletion.” This is concise and direct. It’s also obvious without opening the email, so anyone at Chime looking for quick questions to begin with will likely pick up your email sooner. Below is a sample of what you could include in an email message. Please feel free to utilise it when contacting Chime.

Sixth Technique

Contact the Customer Service Group

If you have completed all of the preceding steps, you are just one step away from deleting your Chime online bank account.

At this point, many individuals simply sit back and wait. The problem is that you do not know what is happening with your account in the interim. We recommend calling Chime a day or so after sending them an email. The telephone number is 1-844-244-6363. The Chime phone number is reachable from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. If despite sending an email and speaking with a Chime representative, your account has not been deleted, you can seek our assistance.

Ensure that you have any reference numbers emailed to you readily available, so that you can provide them when requested. Start by inquiring about the status of your account, then inquire about how long it will be before it is deleted.

It is in your best interest to have the account deleted as quickly as possible after making the request. The longer a dormant account remains, the greater the likelihood that something will go wrong. By pursuing the customer support team in multiple ways, you increase the likelihood that a senior manager will notice your request and intervene if it is taking too long.



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