How Does Absa Gold Credit Card Work 2022

For those interested in learning how Absa gold credit cards work, continue reading this article.
This card is jam-packed with features that make it ideal for those looking for exclusive lifestyle deals.

When used for transactions, the card has extremely low rates and offers exclusive promotions on fuel purchases.

We’ll begin by outlining the requirements for eligibility for the card.


The following criteria must be met in order to apply for an Absa gold credit card:

• You must be at least 18 years old.

• A South African identification card or smart card

• A valid proof of residence that is no more than three months old

• Three most recent paystubs to demonstrate income

• You should earn between R4 000 and R25 000 per month.

These are the qualifications for obtaining a card.

We will now demonstrate how the card works in South Africa using this information.


When you purchase this card, you automatically become a member of Absa Rewards.

Each purchase made with this card earns you reward points, which you can redeem for a variety of goods and special discounts.

The card is customizable in terms of interest rates and repayment terms.

When you consistently pay your outstanding balances in full by the due date, you qualify for up to 57 days of interest-free purchases.

When you use the card to purchase airline tickets, you automatically receive basic travel insurance.

When you use the card to purchase fuel, there is no transaction fee.

Contactless payments are accepted for purchases under R200.

The card enables online transactions.

The gold credit card is accepted at all ATMs worldwide.

Additionally, because the credit card is affiliated with Mastercard, it can be used at any point of sale that displays the Mastercard logo.

In South Africa, this is how the Absa Gold credit card works.

Now that you understand how the card works, we’ll discuss the costs associated with it.


You will be charged an initiation fee of R166.45 during the application process.

A monthly service fee of R27 is applied to the card to maintain the credit facility and value-added features.

Withdrawals made over the counter will cost at least R65, while ATM withdrawals will cost R4.50.

Additionally, you can withdraw funds abroad for a fee of R65 plus a 2.75 percent currency conversion charge.

You will be charged R0.60 per message for email and SMS notifications about your card transactions.

The annual interest rate is 20.75 percent.

This concludes our discussion of how the Absa Gold credit card works in South Africa.

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