How Does FNB Credit Switch Work In South Africa | Consolidate FNB Loans

This article explains how FNB credit switching works in South Africa.
First National Bank is a bank with a mission to assist its clients and businesses.

By issuing credit and loans, banks contribute to the realisation of the vision.

But are you also aware that the bank can help you consolidate your loans into one?

It is possible, but let’s read this guide to learn how to switch credit cards at FNB South Africa.

If this is your first time hearing about the FNB credit switch, continue reading.

In this article, I will explain how FNB Credit Switch works.

The explanation is simple to facilitate comprehension.


FNB credit switch is a product that allows FNB customers to consolidate multiple loans for which they qualify.

After consolidation, all of your debts to the bank and other creditors are classified as a personal loan.

The bank provides this product so that its customers can manage their debts easily and without difficulty.

Additionally, you will pay less in interest, fees, and monthly payments.

Through credit switch, the bank aids in the management of all creditors.

The bank is now accountable for paying them all on your behalf.

FNB is here to assist you in managing your debts with credit switch products.


The FNB credit switch is focused on debt consolidation.

After you qualify for the products, the bank will provide you with a loan to service other debts, and you will be responsible for repaying the bank’s loan.

It makes no difference where the debt originated. Your creditors will be paid by the bank on your behalf.

The bank offers loans of up to R300,000 to assist you in paying off your debts.

With a personal loan issued by the First National Bank, it is now less difficult to manage your debts.

FNB credit switch aids FNB customer care in preserving their credit history and credit rating by assisting with debt management.


Before applying for a credit switch, you must meet the requirements. Among the qualifications are the following:

• Employed permanently or as a sole proprietor

• Minimum net monthly income of R1 800

Additionally, the following documents are required when applying:

If you are not a FNB customer, you must present these documents:

• South African green bar-coded identification card or Smart ID card

• Most recent payslip

• Residence documentation not older than three months

• Bank statement for the past three months

• Six months of bank statements for independent customers

Thus operates the FNB South Africa Credit Switch.

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