How Does FNB Rewards Work | FNB South Africa Rewards Guide

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to learn more about how FNB South Africa rewards hard work.
This article will be helpful to you because it contains all of the information you need, from the definition of FNB rewards to how to enroll and how it works.

Furthermore, you will learn what you need to qualify for FNB rewards and how to use the rewards you earn at the end of this FNB South Africa article.

Please also learn what it takes to earn more FNB rewards.


The FNB N Rewards Program allows you to earn cashback for everyday activities like swiping your debit or credit card, filling your credit card with gas, and purchasing airtime.

The FNB reward program encourages customers to use their credit cards for bills, shopping, restaurants, travel, and more.

Clients can earn points and then redeem them for a variety of benefits and gifts.

Although the value of reward points is much lower than that of a credit card, they are merely a benefit provided by your bank and a way of not having to work for your money.

However, once you’ve accumulated enough bonuses, you’ll be able to exchange them for miles, merchandise, cash, gift cards, and much more.


To begin earning points, you must first register for the FNB rewards program. For your application to join the program to be approved, you must first meet specific criteria.


1. You must have a good balance on all of your FNB South Africa accounts.

2. Have a FNB Lifestyle Account that is active.

3. Accounts must have a sufficient monthly turnover:

If you meet these and other bank requirements, your application will be approved, and you will begin earning points that will eventually be rewarded.

Each segment has specific goals that must be met in order to progress to the next reward level, with the higher the reward level, the more benefits you will receive.

Each segment of the program has its own set of goals and criteria for achieving them.

Remember that 1 equals 1 equals 1 equals 1 equals 1 equals 1 equals 1 equals 2 equals 2 equals 2 equals 2 equals 2 equals 2 equals 2 equals 2 equals 2 equals 2

There are seven (7) possible objectives, but the highest level of reward for each segment is four.

The points needed to advance to the next level are simple to obtain.

There are a few tricks to earning these points; all you have to do is use your bank account to buy products or services, buy credit, or pay bills directly from your account.

The bank will pay cashback to your linked pocket savings account once you have earned the reward.

You can put your cashback in your money pocket, transfer it to your transaction account, and spend it however you want.

This is how the FNB South Africa Rewards program operates.

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