How Long Does It Take To Get A GCB ATM Card

People frequently ask me how long it takes to receive a GCB ATM Card, so I’ve created this guide to answer all of their questions.

With the growth in e-banking patronage, who will still wish to utilize the old convectional method to make bank transfers or withdrawals? The majority are now shifting to the usage of e-banking medium such as debit card, visa card, and ATM card.

In this tutorial, we will look at one of these items, the Ghana Commercial Bank ATM card, and see how long it takes to obtain one. How long does it take to obtain it?

The introduction of various media for accessing Ghana Commercial Bank’s e-banking service has improved the bank’s approach of conducting business with clients.

This is because it offers consumers with comfort and safety.

The Ghana Commercial Bank ATM card allows clients to see their balance and follow up on their transaction by obtaining a mini-statement whenever they use an ATM card.

Requirements for Obtaining a GCB ATM Card

To obtain a GCB ATM Card, you must apply at a Ghana Commercial Bank branch with the following information:

• Bank account number

• Account identifier

How Long Does It Take to Receive a GCB ATM Card?

Security in Ghana Commercial Bank ATM Card takes a maximum of five (5) days from the time the application is received at any GCB branch in your area.

There are several benefits to not using e-banking. It has made it incredibly simple and quick to obtain monies from the bank.

With the Ghana Commercial Bank ATM card, you know you have the security that comes with banking with GCB.

Customers may have their bank account at their fingertips with a Ghana Commercial Bank ATM, eliminating the need to walk to the bank everytime they want financial services.

Is it possible to replace a lost GCB ATM card?

GCB has created procedures for you to replace a lost or damaged card. Assume your Ghana Commercial Bank ATM card has gone lost. You may get a new one by going to a GCB branch.

The procedure for replacing your Ghana Commercial Bank ATM card (ReadyCash card) is straightforward. You must tell the bank as quickly as possible.

This will allow the bank to devise an instant counter-plan to prevent anyone who discovers it from utilizing it if your PIN gets known.

You will begin the procedure of obtaining a new one from the Ghana Commercial Bank you visited after telling them.