How To Activate Access Bank Nigeria ATM Card | Access Bank NG Guide

Are you interested in activating your Access bank ATM? Then here is a comprehensive tutorial that will walk you through the process of activating your new Access bank ATM card.
Now, the convenience of being able to access your bank account from anywhere makes an ATM a prized possession for any consumer.
However, before you may use Access Bank’s ATM services, you must apply for the card at your nearest bank branch or at the location where you have an Access Bank Nigeria account.

Regardless of whether you applied for the ATM card, you cannot use it until it is activated. However, how do you activate your new Access bank ATM card?

This article outlines all of that, and within a few minutes, you’ll understand the steps necessary to activate your ATM account.

Therefore, let us proceed with the steps necessary to activate your card.


The following items are required to activate your Access bank ATM debit card:

1. The account number for your Access bank account.

2. Specific information about the identifying documents needed to apply for the ATM.

3. Your whole name.

4. The ATM card’s PIN number.

These are the requirements for activating your ATM card.


The following are the steps to activate your new Access bank ATM card in Nigeria:

1. Kindly contact Access Bank Nigeria at any of the following telephone numbers: 012712005, 012712006, or 012712007.

2. Submit an application for ATM card activation.

3. Provide any further information that may be requested.

4. Wait a few moments as your information is confirmed to ensure you are the real owner of the card.

5. Once the information you supplied has been verified, the customer support representative will instantly activate your card.

That concludes the procedure for activating your new Access Bank ATM.

How Long Does It Take For A New Access Bank ATM Card To Be Activated?

The activation of a new Access bank ATM card is instant, and your card will be activated to transact immediately after your personal information is validated.

Your new Access bank ATM will be activated in less than five minutes.

All you have to do is submit the relevant information.

That is all the information we have for you on Access Bank ATM activation, and we will try our best to provide you with updated information if there are any changes.

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