How To Activate FNB Connect

In South Africa, here’s how to activate your FNB Connect account.

Did you know you can get a FNB sim card and activate it yourself?

It is, after all, doable.

I’ll show you how to activate the FNB connect Sim card in a variety of methods.

First National Bank developed FNB Connect, a mobile network operator.

The network provides phone and internet connection services to customers who have a bank account.

To connect, you must first complete the qualifying conditions, then gate the Sim card and activate it.

If you already have a FNB sim card and are wondering how to activate it, here are several options.

It is up to you to decide which is best for you.

How to Use an ATM to Activate Your FNB Connect SIM Card

You may activate your FNB Simcard by going to a FNB ATM near you.

Almost every section of the nation has an ATM.

Assuming you are the ATM machine, these are the procedures to take: Insert the FNB card associated with your FNB account. To begin, enter your PIN. Click More Options from the Main Menu. Choose from FNB Connect, Prepaid, and LOTTO. FNB Connect SIM Card Services should be selected. Choose Activate SIM. Select the SIM card that needs to be activated. Select continue to confirm activation.
How to Use Cellphone Banking to Activate Your FNB Connect SIM Card

You may also use the FNB cellphone banking service to activate your FNB connect sim card.

The actions to take are as follows:

1. Dial *120*321# from the phone number associated with your FNB account.

2. Enter your login information

3. Click on FNB Connect.

4. Click the Activate SIM button.

5. On the Sim card, choose Enter serial number.

6. Click Confirm.

7. You will receive SMS confirmation after successful activation.

How to Online Activate Your SIM Card

Another option for activating your FNB Connect is to use an online banking service.

The actions to take are as follows:

1. Go to the FNB website.

2. Enter your e-mail address and password.

3. Press the login button.

4. Choose My SIM Cards

5. Choose Activate next from the list of Sim cards to activate.

6. Confirm that the SIM data are accurate, then click Activate.

7. Enter your OTP (One-Time Password), then click Submit.

8. Click Finish.

Visit Your Local FNB Branch

The last method for activating the FNB Connect Sim card is to go to the local FNB branch and submit an activation request.

Everything will be done for you at the bank.

If you consider the preceding methods to be complex, choose this choice.