How To Block Access Bank ATM Card | Deactivating Lost ATM Card

Have you misplaced or misplaced your Access bank ATM card? This is an interesting tutorial on how to disable your Access bank ATM card that you may find useful.
Occasionally, you may lose your ATM on a bus, okada, church, or party, and recovering it is nearly hard.

When this occurs, the first thing you must do is immediately disable your ATM card.

That is because if your card slips into the wrong hands, a criminal may attempt to steal your money.

As a result, the only option to avoid having your money taken when your ATM card is lost or stolen is to block the card.

Many banks lack an instantaneous method of shutting your ATM in the event that it goes lost, making it quite unsafe in such a case.

However, the good news is that Access bank allows customers to instantaneously black out their ATM cards.

This guide contains all of the necessary guidelines; thus, read it attentively and carefully follow each step.

Requirements For Card Blocking

The following are the steps necessary to disable your Access bank ATM card if it goes missing:

1. You must be enrolled in Access bank’s mobile or online banking services.

2. Download the Access Bank mobile application.

3. Your “Username” for your mobile bank.

4. Login using your “Password.”

5. PIN or Access Bank Token for authentication.

That is all you need to do in order to block your Access ATM in Nigeria.

How To Block Your Access Bank ATM Card In Nigeria

To disable your ATM card, perform these simple steps:

1. On your Smartphone, open the Access bank ATM card.

2. Type your “Username” in the “Username” field.

3. Enter your “Password” in the “Password” field.

4. Log in to your online banking or mobile banking account by clicking “Login.”

5. After logging into your account, please click “Cards & Cheques.”

6. After that, select “Manage Cards.”

7. Now, select “Block.”

8. Select the account you wish to block.

9. Enter your PIN/Token to immediately disable your ATM card.

That is how you may prevent your ATM card from being used in Nigeria.

Additional Methods for Instantly Blocking Your Access Bank ATM Card

Another method for deactivating your Access bank ATM card is as follows:

Kindly contact +234 12712005 or +234 12802500.

Additionally, you may contact this number: 07002255222377. (Toll-free).

Request for the blocking of an ATM card.

Provide any further information requested by the Customer Care person.

Once you have verified with an Access bank customer service representative that you are the real owner of the card, your ATM card will be immediately disabled.

This is another method for blocking your Access bank ATM card in Nigeria.

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