How To Block and Unblock Fidelity Bank ATM Card and account In Nigeria

Do you have any idea that you can block your Fidelity Bank debit card yourself any place instead of going to the branch to hotlink when you lose your mobile phone or sim carelessly.The great perspective is that there are no charges expected to block your debit card on the instant service platform.

Assuming your mobile phone or ATM card is stolen or taken, or you suspect that fraudsters may be altering your account, especially when the mobile phone number is connected to your financial balance. The next step is to block your bank account from debit transactions with a mobile phone to avoid a story that touches.

This consistent assistance permits you to get your record speedily when your phones gets stolen or missing and you don’t have to enter the financial lobby since it gives Instant security to your assets. It’s without stress and helpful, quick and secure to freeze your record from your usual range of familiarity.

How to block Fidelity bank account

This steps will guide you on How to Block bank account when your phone is stolen or misplaced via Fidelity Bank USSD service:



You can seamlessly block your fidelity bank cards when stolen or missing and also increase the security of your funds with “Instant Block” by dialing *770*911# and follow the onscreen message to put a stop on any transaction from your card.

Example: let assume your account number is 1234567890 and you want to block it just dial *770*911*1234567890# from any phone and follow the prompt message

Also you can call Trueserve number 01-4485252 or WhatsApp – +2349030005252. If you are calling from outside the country, dial +234-1-4485252.

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The fidelity bank *770*911# USSD code self-service enables you to block or hotlink accounts using any alternative phone number, giving you the full autonomy once your mobile devices get lost or stolen to safeguard funds before official reports are directed to the Bank.



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