How To Buy Airtime From FCMB Account | New FCMB Recharge Code 2022

You’re looking for FCMB Recharge Code 2022, aren’t you? This page offers codes for purchasing FCMB airtime. First City Monument Bank USSD Codes enable you to conduct banking transactions using your mobile phone even when you are not connected to the internet. You may now purchase airline tickets, pay bills, and transfer money in a more efficient, convenient, and secure manner.
If you are an FCMB subscriber and desire to purchase airtime using your bank account, please go here. I will demonstrate a basic step-by-step approach. There are no additional expenses. Avoid the stress of walking to the street to purchase airtime.
You can accomplish a great deal more with FCMB mobile banking. Later in this post, I’ll include a link that will teach you how to use FCMB mobile banking.

Facts to Consider Regarding FCMB Recharge Code 2022


• You must register the phone number you wish to use for the transaction with FCMB.

• Each day, you are restricted to 10,000 naira worth of airtime. Once you hit that limit, you will be unable to purchase airtime for the remainder of the day.

• There is no cost.

• Funds are debited immediately from your account.

• It is accessible 24 hours a day. It is quite basic and straightforward to use. Very safe and simple.

• Compatible with any network.

• You must create an FCMB account using your phone number.

• Your account must be active and accessible at the time of purchase.

How to Purchase Airtime Using Your FCMB Account

The following recharge code enables you to purchase airtime for yourself as well as third parties such as friends and relatives. You must have an FCMB account associated with the phone number used for this first work. CLICK HERE to learn how to activate mobile banking on your fcmb account.

FCMB Self-Top-up Recharge Code


Are you out of credit? If so, please accept our apologies. You may use your bank account to recharge your phone or a friend’s phone. Calculate the amount by dialing *329*amount#, for example, *328*200#.


How To Transfer Airtime From A FCMB Account To Another

Discover how to use fcmb recharge codes for the benefit of others.

To recharge a third party, dial *329*the amount of the recharge*the phone number# ( use this method when you want to recharge any phone number not registered with FCMB or that is not connected to the particular account you are recharging from).



Then, reply number two.


In the third stage, you’ll choose whether to recharge your phone number associated with your fcmb account or a another phone number.

Following your selection If you are recharging your own batteries or those of others. Then input the recharge amount. If the transaction is with a third party, enter the desired phone number.


After a successful transaction, your phone number will be credited with the amount of airtime purchased.