How To Buy Airtime From Fidelity Bank

If you have a Fidelity bank account and would like to understand how to purchase airtime using your account. Not to fear, this post on Fidelity Bank Recharge Code 2022 will walk you through the process of purchasing airtime directly from your Fidelity bank account.
Purchasing airtime through your bank account alleviates the tension associated with purchasing from street sellers. When purchasing through a bank, there are no additional costs. While street vendors occasionally boost their prices, banks do not. Additionally, it is dependable and available 24 hours a day. You may purchase and recharge at any moment. I’ll demonstrate how to purchase airtime from Fidelity bank in this article.

The banking industry is undergoing a digital transformation. This promotes a cashless society and decreases robbery. This blog is aimed to assisting you in gaining a better understanding of your digital banking. How to register for them and how to utilize them. Are you aware that you do not need to visit a bank to transmit money? Avoid unnecessary tension; mobile and internet banking are available at all Nigerian banks.


How to Purchase Fidelity Bank Airtime

Prior to purchasing airtime from Fidelity bank. Fidelity bank mobile banking must be activated on the phone number used to open your Fidelity bank account. This enables you to purchase airtime from Fidelity bank using USSD codes. If you haven’t enabled it already, CLICK HERE to do so. Proceed if you have enrolled for and activated Fidelity mobile banking.




Fidelity Bank Self-Recharge Code

This is the way through which Fidelity Bank purchases airtime for the phone number associated with the bank account. If you wish to recharge the phone number associated with the creation of your Fidelity bank account, follow the steps below.


To replenish your phone’s battery

*770*AMOUNT# Dial


Dial *770*1000# from your phone to recharge your phone with 1,000.


Fidelity Bank Airtime Recharge Code to Buy Airtime for Others


This approach is used to purchase airtime for other individuals using your fidelity bank account. This approach is useful if you need to recharge a phone number that is not associated with your Fidelity bank account. This strategy may be used to recharge friends and relatives.

How To Charge A Friend Or Family Member

Dial to transfer airtime to a third party.



Dial *770*080104028059*500# from your phone to recharge your friend’s phone with 500 airtime.


You may recharge by calling *770# and following the on-screen instructions. Select an airtime slot and follow the on-screen directions. Once your transaction is completed successfully, you will be credited.

Limit on Fidelity Bank Airtime Recharge

Each account is entitled to a certain quantity of airtime every day. Once you hit that limit, you will be unable to purchase credit from your bank account for the remainder of the day. Your account is restricted to a daily recharge of 20,000 naira. This implies that you can purchase airtime valued at more than 20,000 naira. Once you’ve reached that limit, you must wait until the next day to purchase again. The minimum recharge is N50; any recharge less than that amount is not permitted.