How To Buy Airtime From You Ecobank Account | Ecobank Recharge Code 2022

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It’s really simple to purchase airtime using your Ecobank account. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for an ecobank recharge code? I’ve included a step-by-step tutorial in this post on how to purchase airtime using your Ecobank account. Save yourself the hassle of travelling to the street to purchase recharge card vouchers, which frequently have the incorrect pin on them.
Ecobank is also a participant in the digital banking ecosystem. The bank has established a variety of digital banking platforms to make banking more convenient for its customers. Did you know that you can send money, purchase airtime, pay bills, and much more from the comfort of your own home?

How To Recharge Your Ecobank Account Using An Ecobank Recharge Code

The instructions below outline how to utilize the Ecobank airtime recharge code. Prior to utilizing an Ecobank recharge code, you must first activate Ecobank mobile banking on your phone using the phone number associated with the Ecobank account.

How To Purchase Airtime From Ecobank – Self Top Up

This technique is used to purchase airtime for the Ecobank account that is linked to or used to create the account. This is referred to as self-recharging.

Dial *326*amount#. For instance, *326*2000#, you have now recharged your N2000 airtime. Bear in mind that this works on all networks, including Glo, MTN, 9mobile, and Airtel.


How To Purchase Airtime From Ecobank To Other Banks

This approach is used to recharge mobile phone numbers that are not associated with your eco bank account. This might be your secondary phone number or one shared with friends or family. To utilize the Eco bank recharge code on behalf of another.

*326*phone number*amount# Dial *326*phone number*amount#. For instance, *326*08104128059*500#. You have just successfully purchased N500 worth of airtime for your buddy.



You may use the Ecobank Mobile Banking Code in its entirety. This is the lengthy procedure.

1. Dial *326#, followed by Airtime.

2. Select whether you want to recharge for yourself (the phone number you are now using) or for another phone number.

3. Enter the recharge amount. If it is a self-recharge, you will be prompted to provide your phone number before the amount you wish to recharge. If it is a third party or another person, you will be prompted to enter their phone number before the amount you wish to recharge.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the top-up.


I hope you followed the processes correctly. Recharging from your Ecobank account is straightforward. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, please use the comment box below to let us know.

With Eco bank’s digital banking, you can do more. Avoid the stress of going to the bank. Perhaps you are new to online or mobile banking and are unsure how to proceed. This page is dedicated to assisting you in using your bank’s mobile or online banking technology to its full potential.



Limit on Ecobank Airtime Recharge

Ecobank management has set a daily limit of 5,000 naira for bank account recharges. This implies that each bank account cannot be recharged with more than 5,000 naira every day. You may recharge for as little as 50 naira. Once you hit N5,000, you will no longer be able to purchase airtime from the account. Then you must wait till the next day.

Hopefully, you’ve figured out how to utilize an Ecobank Recharge code. You may now purchase airtime for yourself and others, I suppose. If you have any questions about this subject, please use the comment section below to contact us.