How To Buy Airtime Using Zenith Bank Recharge Code

You’re looking for Zenith Bank Recharge Code 2022, aren’t you? I’ve taken the effort to write this post to walk you through the process of purchasing airtime from Zenith bank using their recharge codes. This means that this post will discuss how to obtain codes for purchasing airtime from Zenith bank.
It’s really simple to purchase airtime for yourself and your loved ones using your Zenith bank account. This eliminates the burden associated with purchasing and utilizing recharge pins. Never run out of speak time; you may purchase airtime at any moment. Zenith bank does not impose an additional fee when you purchase airtime using your account.
You can effortlessly send money and pay your bills with zenith bank mobile banking numbers. Zenith bank online banking enables you to conduct financial transactions from the convenience of your home. This website is committed to assisting you in having fun and making banking simple. We are committed to resolving your banking issues and giving substantial assistance. To learn more about zenith bank mobile banking, you may read the instructions below.

How To Purchase Airtime Through The Zenith Bank Recharge Code

To enable you to purchase airtime using your Zenith bank account. The phone number must be connected to or used to create the zenith bank account. For the purpose of activating zenith bank mobile banking codes Please click here.

Codes To Purchase Zenith Bank Airtime – Self-Recharge

The procedure outlined below is used to replenish your own account. This approach may be used to recharge the number associated with your Zenith bank account.

To self-recharge, call *966*Amount# (for example, *966*500# to purchase 500 naira airtime for your Zenith Bank-registered mobile number).


How To Use Zenith Bank’s Recharge Code To Recharge Others

This is the way I used to recharge any phone number that is not registered with Zenith bank. The phone number cannot be associated with the Zenith bank account from which you are recharging.

To purchase airtime for someone else, call *966*Amount*Mobile Number# on your phone (e.g. *966*1000*08104128059#).

Once your purchase is complete, the credit amount you specified will be applied to the desired phone number.


Limit on Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge

Each zenith bank account is limited to a daily balance of N3,000. If you’ve topped up to that amount. Then you will be unable to purchase additional airtime using your zenith bank account. You must wait till the next day.


With zenith bank mobile banking, you can do more. This is a platform developed by BT Zenith bank to assist its customers in enjoying simple banking. It alleviates the tension associated with bank visits. You may mail money, pay bills, subscribe to television, purchase airtime, check your account balance, and obtain your bank statement, among other things. By calling simple network codes.

The good news is that zenith bank mobile banking is now available. You are not need to have an Internet connection to operate. If you are utilizing zenith bank online banking or zenith bank internet banking, you will require an internet connection.