How To Buy FNB Connect Airtime In South Africa

In South Africa, here’s how to get FNB connect airtime.

After purchasing and activating the FNB Connect Sim card, the next step is to load funds onto the card and begin using it.

Do you know where you may get FNB Connect Airtime in South Africa?

If you don’t know how, I have this article for you.

Because there is no FNB Connect Scratch card, you cannot purchase airtime at the business.

You may purchase airtime using your FNB account.

It is simple and quick to purchase airtime.

There are several ways to purchase FNB connect airtime from the service provider.

The main goal of filling up your FNB is to link the Sim card with the airtime id to use to buy data or make calls.

Without airtime, you cannot use the sim card to make calls or purchase data bundles required for online banking.

If you have subscribed to the FNB connect network, you must understand how to buy FNB connect airtime.

How to Purchase FNB Connect Airtime in South Africa

The following are some options for purchasing FNB Connect Sim card airtime in South Africa:

How to Purchase FNB Connect Airtime Using a Cellphone

The first and most convenient way to purchase FNB connect airtime is through your mobile phone.

To purchase FNB Connect airtime on your phone, follow the instructions below:

1. Enter *120*277#

2. Choose ‘Prepaid.’

3. Click on ‘Airtime.’

4. Click on ‘Me.’

5. If you are purchasing for another person or number, choose Enter Number.

6. Decide how much you want to spend.

7. Click the ‘Confirm’ button.

How to Purchase FNB Connect Airtime Through the FNB Banking App

The FNB banking app is another option for purchasing FNB Sim card airtime.

Before you do so, make sure your account is linked to the app.

The following are the procedures you must take to purchase FNB Connect airtime using the FNB Banking App:

1. Open the FNB Banking App.

2. Navigate to the ‘eWallet’ tab.

3. Click the ‘Buy Prepaid’ button.

4. Click on ‘Prepaid Airtime & Bundles.’

5. Select a network service provider

6. Enter the sum

7. Type in your cell phone number.

8. Click the ‘Purchase’ button.

9. Review the information and click the ‘Confirm’ button.


How to Buy FNB Connect Airtime Using Online Banking

FNB online banking is another option for purchasing FNB connect airtime.

If you have enrolled for the service, the next step is to purchase airtime for your sim card. Go to the FNB website. At the top of the page, enter your login information. Click the Login button. Go to the My Bank Accounts section. Choose My SIM Cards. Choose the quantity of airtime you want to buy. Choose Top-Up. If you need to make changes, double-check the information you’ve entered. Select Edit, then Confirm. Enter your OTP here (One Time Pin) Submit should be selected. To finish the procedure, click the Finish button.

These are the methods for purchasing FNB Connect airtime in South Africa.