How To Cancel FNB Overdraft In South Africa

Today, we’ll teach you how to cancel your FNB Overdraft in South Africa quickly.

Overdraft protection is one of the services provided by First National Bank to clients who have check accounts.

However, in order to obtain an overdraft, you must apply and complete the qualification and bank evaluation requirements.

You can also opt to terminate your access, just as you do with a voluntary application.

Several circumstances may result in the cancellation of FNB overdraft access, such as the desire to utilize the overdraft even if there is no urgency.

In any case, you may believe that the bank is not providing you with the desired limit, and you are no longer interested in what they are providing you.

Whatever scenario has prompted you to consider discontinuing your access to FNB overdraft.

In this essay, I’ll show you how to terminate an overdraft without any problem.

Before you may terminate your overdraft access, you must pay the amount you overdrew or spent.

Your request will be denied if you have not paid what you owe the bank.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can reapply for the FNB overdraft even after it has been cancelled.

The bank will not bar you from reapplying, but you must follow the application process.

After the second application, the limit might be increased, dropped, or left unchanged before being cancelled.

How Do I Cancel My FNB Overdraft?

You may terminate your FNB overdraft access in a variety of ways.

Choose the method that best suits you and that you believe you will be delighted with.

To cancel your overdraft, contact FNB customer service.

The first and best approach to terminate FNB overdraft access is to contact FNB customer service and request that the cancellation be initiated.

You may reach customer service at 087-575-9404.

If you need a speedy answer, calling the customer is preferred.

To cancel your overdraft, send an email to customer service.

You can also discontinue your FNB overdraft access by sending an email to

Your email should be detailed and focused on your request.

Customer service will respond to your email within three business days, if not sooner.

To cancel your overdraft, go to the nearest FNB branch in South Africa.

If you find the first two options difficult, go to your local FNB branch.

You’ll contact customer service at the bank, who will walk you through the cancellation process.

Visiting the bank is the greatest option since you will leave with an answer to your request.

In South Africa, here is how you cancel your FNB Overdraft.