How to Change PayPal Password

In this post, we’ll discuss how to update your PayPal password and how to reset it via the PayPal website if you’ve forgotten it. Often, we learn that our current password is not safe, necessitating the necessity to change our password. We may reset our password without worry of it being detected or retrieved by some hacker out there, thanks to PayPal’s robust security.
With the points listed below, we will demonstrate how to change your PayPal password using a step-by-step guide.

• How to reset the password on your PayPal account

• Reset your PayPal password if you’ve forgotten it

How to Change the Password on Your PayPal Account




Usually, we realize that our PayPal password has been compromised; occasionally, we logon someplace, such as an internet café, and forget to log out. We’re going to walk you through the process of changing your PayPal password step by step.


Nota bene: When generating a safe password, it should have at least eight characters that include a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

Log into PayPal and navigate to the Summary page.

• Step 2: On the top right, click the Settings gear icon (next to the Log Out option) to access PayPal’s account and settings pages.

• Step 3: From the options at the top, select the Security tab.

• Step 4: Select Password from the screen’s list of security settings (or select Update).

• Step 5: A dialog window titled Change your password opens. Enter your existing password in the first field, followed by your new password in the remaining two fields. Select Change Password after you’re finished.

Reset your PayPal Password if you’ve forgotten it


You may quickly forget your password, much more so if you do not utilize a password manager to preserve your login credentials. When this occurs, you may rely on PayPal’s function that enables you to reset your password. Bear in mind that this function does not allow you to retrieve your previous password; it simply allows you to create a new one. Along with instructions on how to change your PayPal password, we’ll cover how to reset your Forgotten PayPal password.

1. Begin by accessing the PayPal sign-in page.

2. Step 2: Omit the username and password fields. Select the Having login issues? link. PayPal provides a screen titled “Need assistance with your password?” Enter your PayPal email address and click Next.

3. Step 3: PayPal verifies your identification in four ways: by text message, email, security questions, or by verifying your credit card information. PayPal delivers a six-digit number whether you want to get a text message or an email. This should be entered in the confirmation area that displays. Continue.

4. Step 4: Using the given form, establish a new password and confirm it once again. When finished, click Save. Then consider storing the password somewhere secure to avoid losing it again, or using a password manager to keep track of and protect the password.

If you have several email accounts, make sure you select the correct one to get the verification code. If you’ve forgotten your PayPal email address, you may recover it by clicking the Forgot your email? option on the log-in screen. PayPal allows you to specify up to three email addresses associated with the account during the account’s creation. Select Next to get a reset email including all of the procedures necessary to regain access to your account.