How To Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance | Fidelity Bank Account Balance Code

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Is Fidelity Bank Account Balance Code 2022 what you’re looking for? I’ll demonstrate How To Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance in this article. It’s really simple to check the balance of your fidelity bank account. You are not need to visit a bank or ATM to check your account balance. You may do so from the comfort of your own home. Fidelity bank’s digital banking platform enables you to conduct mobile banking transactions.
Fidelity bank mobile banking enables you to do banking transactions directly from your phone. You may use fidelity mobile banking to send money, purchase airtime, pay bills, and check your account balance, among other things. This page is aimed to assisting you in comprehending and teaching you about the operation of your bank’s digital banking platform.

How To Check The Balance Of A Fidelity Bank Account


To enable you to check the balance of your fidelity bank account using your phone. You must have fidelity mobile banking active on your smartphone.

Code for Fidelity Bank Account Balance

The following is a simple code to check the balance of your Fidelity bank account. Check your account balance by following the instructions below.

• To check your account balance, dial *770*0# followed by the phone number associated with your Fidelity Bank account.

• Following that, enter your Instant Banking PIN or the last four numbers of your ATM card. The purpose of entering your PIN is to validate your transactions.

When the service is completed successfully, you will receive an email with information on the funds remaining in your account.


Additionally, you can check your access bank balance via the fidelity bank mobile app. Log onto your app and click on account balance; it will appear at the top of your profile on the right.

Charges for Checking the Balance of a Fidelity Bank Account

Numerous inquiries include “how much does fidelity bank charge to check your account balance?” Yes, a specific amount is removed from your account each time you check your balance. This sum is referred to as the account balance checking charge, or the cost of the service.

Each time a consumer checks their account balance, Fidelity bank costs them N20. This appears to be unjust in comparison to banks that charge N10 for the identical service. This implies that each time you check your account balance, N20 will be debited as a service charge from your account.