How To Check First Bank Account Balance On Phone 2022

What is the First Bank Account Balance Code? How to Check First Bank Account Balance on Phone with Internet Access is the subject of this post. You no longer have to visit a bank or use an ATM card to check your initial bank account balance. For your convenience, we have included a USSD code.

Transferring money, checking your balance, purchasing airtime, paying bills, and many other tasks are all possible with the First Bank mobile banking service. It’s a handy, quick, safe, and simple method to do your banking. The ability to use any sort of phone at any time, without the necessity for internet or data access.

Having a bank account connected to your phone number is the first step in the process. Your mobile banking experience is just a few clicks away. Learn more about First Bank’s mobile banking service by checking out this tutorial.

Account Number for Your First Bank Account

You may use your phone to check the balance of your account. If you want to use mobile banking, you’ll need to enable it. READ THIS GUIDE if you haven’t already.

How To Check The Balance Of A First Bank Account Over The Internet

Check your first bank account balance by following the instructions below.

Dial * 894*00# to check your account balance on your mobile phone. If there is no network issue, your account balance should be shown on your phone.

You must dial the code from your registered phone number to see your First Bank account balance. In addition, this service is only available to FirstBank customers using Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, or MTN as their mobile carrier.

You’ll receive an SMS with your account balance (message from the bank). This is not a free service.


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First Bank’s online banking service.

Checking Fees for the First Bank Account

Many people wonder, “How much does it cost to check your account balance at First Bank?” Yes, each time you check your account balance, a specific amount is removed from your account. There is a charge for this service, which is called an account balance checking fee.

Each time a consumer checks their account balance, First Bank costs them N10. In other words, every time you check your account balance, N10 will be debited as a service charge.


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Take advantage of the Keystone Bank Mobile App

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Branches of Nigeria’s Access Bank Use the Same Sort Code

I trust you now know how to check the balance of your first bank account. Check your account balance at any time, from any location. Please forward this information to your relatives and friends, as it may be of benefit to them.

If you’re looking for a banking solution, be sure to check back with us on our blog… For your convenience, we’re devoted to making mobile banking as simple as possible.

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