How To Convert Airtime To FNB Connect Data | FNB South Africa

Do you have airtime on your FNB connect Sim card but have no idea how to convert it to data bundles?

Don’t worry; you’ve come to the correct spot.

I’ll show you how to convert airtime to FNB connect data quickly and easily.

The FNB Connect airtime to data conversion option is intended to make changing useful airtime into data as straightforward as possible.

This is acceptable in a number of situations.

FNB Conversion Connecting your airtime to data is a simple method to convert your airtime into data.

If your phone internet is running low and you need data urgently, or if you want to browse the internet without using up your monthly data allocation.

You may also use the FNB Connect data bundles to securely access your account online and discover how to convert credit to data bundles.

From there, you’ll be able to receive and send messages, browse Facebook, play a few online games, and view a few videos.

As your data is shifted from airtime, you will be able to stay connected utilizing your airtime balance.

Converting Airtime to FNB Connect Data

FNB Connect has variable data pricing; before converting airtime to data, you must first verify your airtime balance.

That way, you’ll know which data package to choose based on your phone’s airtime level.

If you know your airtime balance, here’s how to utilize it to get FNB Connect data.

How to Purchase Data Bundles Using Your First National Bank Connect Account

Your mobile phone is the most convenient and simple method to convert airtime to FNB Connect data.

The actions to take are as follows:

1. Dial *130*321# from your cell phone.

2. Comply with all of the instructions.

3. Select Option 1. (Prepaid).

4. Click on Bundles.

5. Click on Data.

6. If you are purchasing for a different number, choose enter.

7. Enter the phone number that needs to be recharged.

8. Choose the bundles that match to your airtime balance from the list.

9. Double-check that you have entered the correct information, and if not, make the required modifications.

10. Choose the appropriate choice.

11. Click Confirm if you are satisfied you have entered the correct information.

12. You will see confirmation SMs on the screen of your cell phone.

If you have a contract plan, you may still purchase data bundles by following the methods outlined above.

Only difference is that you don’t need to have airtime since the cost will be applied to your monthly bill.