How to Delete Cash App Account 2022

In the United States, Cash App is one of the most popular payment applications. It has become so popular that it has earned its own verb. How to remove a Cash App account is a topic that is rarely covered while discussing Cash App.
You may choose to remove your Cash App account or that of another person for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you secured an ambassadorial arrangement with Venmo or PayPal, or the account’s original owner passed away.

Whatever the cause, you may always remove a Cash App account.

You’ll discover how to totally remove a Cash App account without losing any money or leaving any traces in this tutorial.


How to Permanently Delete Your Cash App Account

When it comes to deactivating an online account such as Cash App, a common misperception exists. The app on your phone has no effect on the presence of your account.

In simple terms, deleting the Cash App app from your phone will have no effect on your Cash App account.

Even if you delete the software, you may reinstall it, sign into your account, and resume using Cash App. That is not the proper method for deactivating a Cash App account.



There are a few steps involved in deactivating your Cash App account.

To begin, you’ll need to remove your whole balance. Then, before deleting the app from your phone, you’ll delete your account information from Cash App’s servers.

While it may seem like a lot of steps, it is not nearly as hard as it appears. I’ll walk you through the process of achieving these in an instant.

How to Delete Your Cash App Account in 3 Easy Steps


If you own the Cash App account in question, the process will be significantly simpler. You may easily remove your Cash App account.

However, canceling a departed loved one’s Cash App account may be more difficult. Depending on your level of familiarity, it might range from challenging to nearly impossible.

The methods below outline how to deactivate your personal Cash App account.


1. Transfer the balance of the Cash App to your bank account.

The first step for deleting your Cash App account is to withdraw your funds. Cash App will not automatically remit funds to your bank account if you delete your account with money in it.

As this is the case, you must perform the task yourself. The following are the processes for transferring your Cash App balance to your bank account.

1. Open the Cash App and scroll to the bottom left-hand corner to the Banking menu.

2. From the available options, select ‘Cash Out’ and input the amount you wish to withdraw. Additionally, you can elect to get the funds immediately. Take note that this option is not free.

3. To complete the purchase, enter your PIN or verify your ID.

With all else being equal, you should get your funds within three days.

Take note that Bitcoin cannot be withdrawn straight to a bank account. If you have any Bitcoin or stock in your account, you must sell them prior to initiating the withdrawal.


2. Begin the account cancellation process.

Once you’ve secured all of your funds in your bank, you may proceed with the procedure of cancelling your Cash App account.

Although deactivating a Cash App account is not as simple as removing a file from your PC, it is doable.

The following are the actions necessary to remove your Cash App account.

1. To access the Profile tab, open Cash App and touch on the Profile icon. The profile icon, signified by an egghead or your selected profile photo, is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. From the list of available menu items, locate and pick Support. This generates a slew of assistance alternatives. Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Something Else.’

3. Tap ‘Account Settings’ on the resulting page. This should give the option to ‘Close My Cash App Account.’ In the resulting box, select this option and confirm.

4. You may be required to authenticate your identity if you choose to delete your account. This verification request may be sent through email or text message.

Additionally, you’ve deactivated your Cash App account. You’ll now need to create a new account if you wish to use Cash App again.

However, there is one final step before you can say good-bye to Cash App.

3. Delete the Cash App from your phone.

There is no purpose to keep the Cash App app on your phone after cancelling your account. The last step in deactivating a Cash App account is uninstalling the application from your phone.

This step is performed differently depending on the device you are using. Whichever device you use to access Cash App, you should be familiar with the process of app uninstallation.

How to Deactivate Another Person’s Cash App Account


While losing someone is never easy, one must always clean up afterward. One of the most critical post-loss actions is to ensure that the deceased’s internet accounts are properly managed.

If you are close enough to the target that you know their passwords, you can simply pull this off.


If you know their passwords, you can proceed to the procedures for deactivating your Cash App account.

Otherwise, you will want internal assistance from Cash App. You may contact Cash App support and request that the account be closed.

You may be asked to submit information about the individual whose account you are attempting to delete.

The process should not be difficult in general. However, the process of submitting, sharing, and validating relations may prolong the process beyond what is optimal.

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