How To Delete Square Account | Easy Steps

will walk you through the procedures necessary to cancel your square account, while keeping in mind that square charges per transaction, so there is no cost to maintaining your account if you are a seasonal business or utilize any square subscription service. Now that we’ve established that, let’s get into the specifics of How To Delete Square Account.

Resources for Square Accounts

It’s worth noting that if you opt to deactivate your Square account, you will lose access to all of your payment history and account information (including 1099-K tax forms, if applicable), as well as any team members.

Deactivating your account will result in the deletion of any team members associated with it; also, you must cancel any ongoing subscriptions associated with your account.




Here are some of the resources available with your square account;


• Square sales history and extensive reporting to monitor your progress.

• Any tax forms Square has issued or may issue for your account, therefore simplifying tax season.

• Your Customer Directory, which helps you manage and safeguard your customers’ information.

• Business tools such as email campaigns from Square Marketing and time card monitoring with Team Management.



Steps to Follow Before Deactivating Your Square Account


Allow us to provide some recommendations to consider before deactivating your Square account. Continue reading the article to discover more…


• Export the history of your payments

1. For your records, download your payment history. This information may be required for tax purposes, future reference, or application for a bank loan or credit card terminal. To begin:

2. In your online Square Dashboard, navigate to Balance.

3. Refine a date range using the date selector. To travel between years, click This Year or Last Year and then use the arrows. Nota bene: By clicking in the center of the date selector, a complete calendar view is displayed.

4. Select All Locations from the drop-down menu, or manually select locations to evaluate.

5. Click Export to save the data as a CSV file to your computer, which you can access with Microsoft Excel or another popular spreadsheet program.


• Export your Item Catalogue

1. Exporting your Item Library is a good idea if you want to use another point of sale system to create a fresh inventory list. Additionally, it’s beneficial to maintain for your records. From your online Square Dashboard, you may export your item library to an Excel (.xlsx) or CSV file. This is how:

2. Navigate to the Items section of your online Square Dashboard.

3. In the top-right corner of the page, choose Actions > Export Library.

4. Choose whether to export the file as an Excel or CSV file. A spreadsheet will be downloaded to your computer, which you may open with Microsoft Excel or any widely used spreadsheet application.


• Export your Contact List

1. Directly from your online Square dashboard, you may export your whole client list. This might be useful if you’ve been gathering client data that you’d like to refer to in the future. To begin:

2. Log in to your Square Dashboard and visit Customers.

3. Select Import / Export > Export Customers from the menu bar.

4. Select the groups from which you want to export consumers. If a consumer belongs to more than one group, they will be exported just once.

5. Click the Download button.

6. A.CSV file will be downloaded to your computer, which you may use with Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet application.


• Cancel your memberships and services with Square Online.

If your Square account makes use of Square Online, please cancel any subscriptions and services associated with your Square Online account via the Square Online Overview page prior to canceling your Square account. This will ensure that you are not paid for Square Online services that you have ceased to use.

For additional information about canceling Square Online services, see how to manage your Square Online subscriptions.


Please keep in mind as we go that;

Square Online is a sub-account of your original Square account with its own billing system. Deactivating your Square account will not deactivate your Square Online services or subscriptions; thus, you must cancel those manually first.


• Save any Forms 1099-K that have been sent to your account.

If your account was eligible for a 1099-K in the prior year, you may download the document from the Tax Forms area of your online Square Dashboard.


Nota bene: Your account may be eligible for and receive a Form 1099-K in January of the following year for sales completed during the current calendar year. If you close your account prior to the end of the current fiscal year and are eligible for a 1099-K, it will be mailed to the address on file for your account. In the Tax Forms area of your online Square Dashboard, you may confirm or modify your company address and associated tax ID.



How To Permanently Delete A Square Account


Finally, as previously stated, there is no expense connected with maintaining your Square account. If you’ve read this far, you’re still curious about How to Delete a Square Account. You have arrived at the correct location…

It’s extremely simple to remove your Square account, since you may do so directly from your Square web dashboard.

Before we start, a reminder;

Deleting your square account is a one-time action, since once deactivated, your current account cannot be reactivated. If you intend to use square again, you will need to establish a new account.


How to remove a Square account in three easy steps:

1. Navigate to Account & Settings from your online Square Dashboard.

2. Select Deactivate Account from the Personal Information tab.

3. Click Continue after selecting the reason for deactivation.

4. Type the verification code in the appropriate field.

5. If your account supports two-factor authentication, you will get a verification number via SMS or via your authenticator app. If your account does not currently support two-step verification, your verification code will be delivered to the email address connected with your Square Account.

6. Select Deactivate to confirm deactivation.