How to get a quick loan from Quickteller-Interswitch

Do you need an immediate loan from Quickteller – Interswitch, but you’re not sure how the application procedure works or what the next steps are? You may instantly access credit facilities as a customer if you use Quickteller, which is a powerful consumer services platform that allows for easy airtime recharge, funds transfer, and bill payment options.

You are able to obtain low-interest loans from a variety of Quickteller loan providers through the Quickteller lending service. They provide easy and effective lending solutions that are backed by Nigeria’s leading financial institutions.

This form of loan is hassle-free and gives you access to rapid cash from the convenience of your mobile device, which eliminates the need to go to a bank. Quickteller will make use of your previous credit history. The loan amounts that are now being given range from N1,000 to N50,000, and the interest rate is 15%. This interest rate is determined by your personal data as well as the frequency with which you make card transactions on their site.

Make your day-to-day payments stress-free across a wide variety of available platforms by using Quickteller – Interswitch, an electronic payment and digital platform that allows you to do so.



The platform provides users with connections to more than 8,000 billers, making it possible for consumers to make payments for virtually anything from the convenience of their mobile device.

You will be required to enter their portal and click to the Quickteller loans section in order to have access to immediate loans. If you want to borrow money, you won’t require a guarantor or any kind of collateral. It is simple to obtain, and there is no paperwork that must be completed by you.

What is Quickteller Loan Interest Rates?

The Quickteller Loan Interest Rates range between 3%-15% over a period of 10 days to 3 months based on your personal data and how frequently you perform card transactions on Quickteller.

Frequent usage of the service and early repayment of selected small loan amounts make you eligible for higher amounts.

How to apply quickteller loans on the go?

You can apply for Quickteller loans via the Quickteller website, Quickteller mobile app or USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) by dialing *322#.

1. From your mobile device, dial *322*6# and follow the prompt message to complete your loan application process after registration.

2. Select your preferred offer from the loan offers presented. These Loan offers may vary in terms of loan amounts, duration, interest rate depending on customer’s eligibility.

3. From your ATM card number(s) presented, enter the details of your selected card to complete the process. You can add your preferred ATM card on

4. Your (selected) loan provider will process your application and give you feedback on the status of your loan request.

Please note : You can also access the loan via

To apply for online website kindly follow the steps below:

1.Sign Up for quickteller website @ You sign up by filling in your details which would include your name, email, password, and mobile number.

2. After filling in your information, you will get an OTP (One-time pin) on your mobile device. This One-Time Pin will be what you need to activate your account on the space provided on the Quickteller site.

3.The next step to take is to sign in to your Quickteller account, add your bank details, and then make a request for a loan.

Requirements to apply for Quickteller Loan

The quickteller Loans requirements offered are based on frequency of transactions on Quickteller. The higher the transactions, the more eligible you are for a loan. So you can get small loans instantly, sign up to get started


The more often you repay your quickteller loan on time, the more your credit rating increases. Your credit rating determines the amount you can borrow. Also Repaying back the loan is as easy as getting it. You can conveniently repay your loans through various channels. Payments occur via ATMs, the Quickteller app or at the bank.



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