How to Get HBO Max in Canada 2022

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If you’ve attempted to view “No Sudden Move” or one of the other HBO Max-exclusive films in Canada, you’re probably acquainted with the error message that prevents you from doing so. The issue is self-evident: HBO Max is not available in Canada.
HBO Max premiered solely in the United States in 2020. You do not, however, need to relocate to the United States to view HBO Max exclusives.

You’ll learn how to get HBO Max from Canada in this article. While you will have to pay an additional fee for a VPN, the cost is well worth it if you want access to any HBO Max exclusive content from Canada.

Is HBO Max Available in Canada?

HBO Max is now unavailable in Canada. If you’re reading this article, you’re presumably already aware of this.

When you attempt to access HBO Max from Canada, you will see an error notice indicating that HBO Max is not yet available in your country. When you read the specifics, you’ll see that HBO Max indicates that they’re trying to expand HBO Max’s international distribution.

However, not everyone is patient enough to wait for HBO Max to launch in Canada. If you’re ready to compromise, you can always get HBO Max using a VPN provider.

If you’re prepared to wait for HBO Max to expand to Canada, you might be in for a lengthy wait. HBO Max has not declared intentions to introduce its service to Canada and has yet to engage local staff, making it unworthy of waiting till it does.


HBO Max in Canada: How to Use It

Due to the fact that HBO Max is normally inaccessible in Canada, you’ll need to use certain workarounds to access the service from the nation. You’ll discover how to get a subscription to HBO Max and access the service without leaving Canada in this section.

All of this is possible thanks to VPNs. When you enable a VPN, it will appear as though you are browsing from a different country. While the technical aspects of a VPN are difficult, they may be made to appear rather simple on the surface.

Typically, a typical VPN service would have hundreds of servers located across the world. Each of these servers will have the fundamental ability to connect to the internet, but they can be shared by multiple users.

When you launch your preferred VPN application and select a country to route your browsing through, all of your internet connection requests will be routed through a server in that country.

Due to the physical presence of these servers in the country, it will appear as though you are browsing from that country. Once you grasp this fundamental tenet of VPNs, you’ll be able to access HBO Max in Canada.

While this is self-evident, here are the steps necessary to use HBO Max in Canada without a VPN.

1. Select a reliable VPN provider.

The first step in using HBO Max with a VPN in Canada is to select a VPN service. This should occur prior to purchasing a subscription to the service. To be fair, you cannot even purchase a subscription to HBO Max without using a VPN.

There are several excellent VPN services available, but they all come at a cost. If you’re going to do anything with blocked video streaming, you should avoid free VPNs entirely. With a free one, it’s simply a matter of time before HBO Max terminates your membership, squandering your money.

If you’re unsure how to find a solid VPN service for watching HBO Max, skip forward to the final section of this tutorial, where I’ll propose many of the best VPNs for accessing the service from Canada.

2. Sign up for a VPN provider and get HBO Max.

After purchasing a subscription to HBO Max, you’ll need to connect to a US server in order to use the service. Depending on the VPN you’re using, there may be a button that automatically connects you to the quickest accessible server.

Using that button may connect you to a Canadian server, which has a number of downsides but is now worthless to us. Scroll through the different options and select the quickest US server available, since you’ll require it.

After connecting to a VPN, you may download the HBO Max app. If you’re using a PC device, you may also purchase a membership through the website.

HBO Max’s standard ad-supported membership is $9.99, while the ad-free version is an additional $5. Unless you desire a very restricted experience, it’s always worth it to pay the additional fiver.

3. Begin watching HBO Max.

Once you’ve subscribed to a reasonably fast VPN service and to HBO Max, you can begin streaming instantly. To view any film or television show, you must first activate your VPN and connect to a US server, as this is how HBO Max will determine that you are not from Canada.

If you do not connect to a VPN prior to watching, you will be denied access to the service. HBO Max has the right to permanently block your account if you continue to use the service without utilizing a VPN.

If you’re renewing your HBO Max membership beyond the initial month, you may also need to renew your VPN subscription. If you’re not concerned about payment monitoring, you can just pay for a one-year membership to both the VPN and HBO Max.