How to Get Money Back On Cash App If You Are Scammed

Cash App strives to complete all transactions in record time. This is usually in the best interest of the end-user, except when it is not.
Until you send money to the wrong Cash App account, you will not understand the drawbacks of instantaneous money transfers. You then begin spamming Google in an attempt to learn how to get your money back from Cash App.

However, you are not required to do so. In this article, I’ll explain precisely what to do if you sent money to the wrong Cash App account and whether there is any chance of recovering your funds.





Cash App transactions are so swift that the term “quick” is a gross understatement. However, precisely herein lies the problem.

Once your transfer transitions from pending to complete, you have limited options for recovering your funds. You cannot predict whether you will receive your money back, but there is a chance.

Let us be practical here. There are two instances in which you may request a refund of a Cash App transaction, but only one of these instances has any chance of success.

If you sent money to the wrong Cash App account, you may request a refund. Additionally, you can request a refund if you sent an incorrect amount to a known recipient.

While I do not deny the existence of good Samaritans such as yourself, the success rate in the first scenario is so low that it is not even worth attempting.

However, sending the incorrect amount to a known recipient is the luckier of the two options. Nobody wants to be a bad friend, isn’t that correct?

The lesson here is straightforward. The success of a cancelled Cash App transaction is solely dependent on the recipient. If the recipient declines the refund, your funds are lost forever.

Let’s assume for the moment that the recipient of your money is as perfect as you are. How do you receive a refund for an erroneous Cash App transaction?

This is what you will learn in the following section.



If you want to get your money back from a Cash App transaction, you can only request a refund and hope the other user approves it.

While I will not instruct you on how to convince the other user to approve a transaction, I will instruct you on how to request a refund.

Here is how to request a refund or cancel a Cash App transaction that was made in error.

Launch Cash App on your device of choice (Android, iPhone, or iPad).

When you are logged into the account used for the transaction, navigate to the Activity tab. In the bottom right corner of the Cash App interface is a clock icon representing the activity tab.

3.The Activity tab contains a list of your most recent payments. Locate the payment you would like to cancel and tap on it. A quick overlay containing transaction details will appear.

4.In the upper right-hand corner, click the three horizontally-arranged dots (…) and select “Cancel Payment” if the option is available.

If this option is available, it indicates that your transfer is not yet complete, and you can still direct the payment. If you select the option, wait a few seconds and hope that it does not generate an error, and you will receive a refund.

If there is no option to cancel the transaction, you can always choose the ‘Request Refund’ option. Before sending the refund request, Cash App will require you to select a reason for the refund request.

The recipient of the funds will be notified, and at their discretion, they may authorise or deny your refund request, sending the funds in either direction.


I know you’re a good Samaritan, so you’ll be eager to learn how to send money back if someone sends you money by mistake.

If the other party requests a refund, you can issue one by examining the Refund request and tapping the green Refund button.

Interestingly, you can also request a refund for a refund, creating a refund loop.

How to refund a Cash App transaction without receiving a refund request from the receiving user.

Launch Cash App and select the Activity tab. To access the Activity tab, tap the clock icon in the lower-right corner of the user interface.

2.Select the payment you wish to reverse. This should be a payment received, as you are returning the money.

3. Select the transaction to view additional information, and then click the three horizontally arranged dots in the upper right corner.

4. Select “Refund” from the list of available options. You will receive a notification; select “OK” to confirm the refund. Cash App will immediately return the funds to the sender.

If the funds did not come from another Cash App account, the refund process could take longer.