How To Open Servus Credit Union Account In Canada, Fast & Easy

Interested in opening a Servus credit union account in Canada but unsure of how to proceed?
This guide will demonstrate how.

Account creation is a simple process that takes little time.

First, we will outline the requirements for opening an account with Servus.


Here are the fundamental requirements:

• You are required to present a valid Canadian passport, birth certificate, or driver’s licence.

• Identification issued by the Canadian government

• A provincial or territorial ID card

If you do not have two of the identification documents listed above, you must provide one from the list below.

• A photo employee identification card from a valid employer

• A student ID if you are enrolled in school

• A debit or bank card bearing your name and signature

• Credit card issued in Canada bearing your name and signature

• A client card with your photo and signature from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind

These are the fundamental requirements for opening an account at the Servus credit union in Canada.

What is the minimum account opening deposit?

You may be wondering if there is a minimum deposit required to open an account.

There is a restriction.

You must purchase at least one dollar’s worth of common shares.

When you purchase credit union shares, you become a member-owner.

There is no maximum deposit amount allowed in your Servus credit union account.

Now that you are aware of the minimum deposit required to open an account, we will show you how to register an account in Canada.


You may open a Servus account online or at any local branch.

To create an online account, please follow the steps below:

1. To create an account, you must first access the device’s registration portal.

Next, click the option to create an account

3. Subsequently, submit scanned copies of all the necessary documents.

Next, provide a physical address and a valid cell phone number where you can be reached.

5. Establish your membership by specifying why you are eligible to be a member.

6. You will then be required to make our initial deposit.

7.You will then receive an email from Servus credit union confirming that your account opening was successful.

This is exactly how a Servus credit union account is opened in Canada.

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