How to purchase data, social media, and router packages from Airtel

Where can you buy Airtel data bundles, including social media and router bundles, at the most affordable price point? This article on the Airtel data plan explains how to buy data bundles, social media, and router bundles.

An internet experience that is fast, inexpensive, and trustworthy is now available from Nigerian telecoms firm Airtel, and it will keep you connected no matter where you are. A enticing tariff package is included with the data plans, and it comprises low-cost data plans designed to suit all of your internet needs.

In this article, I’ll go through Airtel’s numerous data plans, as well as their prices and how to sign up.

If you’re a new customer or have been having difficulties finding out how to buy data on Airtel, we’re here to help you.



How to buy Airtel Data Plans

Airtel customers can buy data on the go by dialing *141# and follow the prompt message to choice your data plan choice.

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How to check Airtel data Balance

You can check your balance by dialing *140# or open your “My Airtel” self-care app.

How to transfer data on Airtel network

To transfer or share your Airtel data with family and friends kindly dial *141# and choose option 6 and select “Data Me2U.

How to cancel Airtel data plan

To cancel your Airtel data bundle or opt out. Just send “stop” to 140 or call customer care number 111

Daily plans

N50 – 40 MB for 1 Day === *141*50#
N100- 100 MB for 1 Day === *141*100#
N300- 1 GB for 1 Day === *141*354#
N300 -350MB for 7 Days === *141*300#
N200- 200MB for 3 Days=== *141*200#

Weekly plans

N300- 350 MB === *141*300#
6 GB for N1,500, *141*1504#
1 GB + 1 GB YouTube night streaming for N500, *141*502#

Monthly data plans

N1,000 – 1.5GB + 2GB YouTube for 30 Days ===*141*1000#
N1,200- 2 GB + 4GB YouTube Night==== *141*1200#
N1,500- 3 GB ==== *141*1500#
N2,000- 4.5 GB ==== *141*2000#
N2,500- 6 GB==== *141*2500#
N3,000- 10 GB for ==== *141*3000#
N4,000- 11 GB for ==== *141*4000#

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Mega Plans

Mega Packs are designed for the heavy data user. Enjoy Streaming, Downloads etc on your device or across multiple devices

N5,000- 20GB + 4GB YouTube Night ==== *141*5000#
N8,000- 30GB ====*141*8000#
N10,000- 40GB === *141*10000#
N15,000- 75 GB === *141*15000#
N20,000- 120 GB ==== *141*20000#
N30,000- 200 GB ==== *141*30000#
N36,000,- 280 GB === *141*36000#

N50,000- 400GB for 90 Days === *141*50000#
N60,000 – 500GB for 120 Days === *141*60000#
N100,000 – 1TB for 365 Days === *141*100000#

Everyday-ON Plans

Everyday-ON Plans are designed to ensure that you are always ON the internet

N3,000 -15GB – 500MB Everyday for 30 days === *141*3002#
N6,000- 45GB – 1.5GB Everyday for 30 days === *141*6002#

Social Plans

This plan is designed for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter and instagram

N25- 20 MB === *948*4# valid for 1 day
N50- 40 MB === *991*4# valid for 1 day
N100 200 MB === *688*3# valid for 5 days
N300- 700 MB === *688*1# valid for 25 days

Instagram Bundles

N100 – 250MB 1 Day *141*105#
N200 – 1GB 1 Day *141*205#

Facebook & Whatsapp Bundles

FB+WA Daily N25 100 1 Day *141*254# *141*254*1#
FB+WA Weekly N50 200 7 Days *141*54# *141*54*1#
FB+WA Monthly N100 500 30 Days *141*104# *141*104*1#

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Airtel Router Bundles

to buy Airtel Router kindly Visit any Airtel showroom to buy an Airtel 4G Router @N10,000 and get 20GB data for 30days znd you get 100% BONUS monthly for 6 months upon recharge of N5,000- N15,000 bundles. customers can Connects up to 32 wifi enabled devices at once.

N5,000 – 20GB 30days === *370# on your smartphone
N8,000- 25GB 30days ===*370# on your smartphone
N10,000 40GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N15,000 75GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N20,000 120GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N30,000 200GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N36,000 280GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N50,000 400GB 90days *370# on your smartphone
N60,000 500GB 120days *370# on your smartphone
N100,000 1TB 365days *370# on your smartphone

Airtel DATA+

Data+ is a genre of Airtel TalkMore Plus bundles designed to meet your Data & Voice needs. The bundles offer More Data than Talk time. Simply dial *154*2# to choose the Data+ bundle that is right for you.

300 MB for N300 valid for 7 days (N600 voice value)
750 MB for N500 valid for 14 days (N1,000 voice value)

Those that are valid for 30 days include:

1.5 GB for N1,000 (N2,000 voice value)
4.5 GB for N2,000 (N4,000 voice value)
15 GB for N5,000 (N10,000 voice value)
30 GB for N10,000 (N20,000 voice value)
50 GB for N15,000 (N35,000 voice value)
70 GB for N20,000 (N45,000 voice value)

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Opera bundles

Opera bundles are a perfect choice if you need to use Opera Mini and nothing else.

25 MB for N20 (for 1 day), *141*253#
100 MB for N50 (for 7 days), *141*53#
300 MB for N100 (for 30 days), dial *141*103#

PAY AS You Use

You can still stay connected online, even without a Data bundle. Airtel PAYU allows you to surf the net for a minimal fee of N3/MB….. To use Airtel PAYU, just dial *400#

Day and Night Plans

Day and Night data plan is designed for customers with higher night volume. The request is to update details of this plan on the website and develop a landing page for this product.

N60 – 200MB 50MB DAY 150MB NIGHT 1 day=== *141*60#
N120 – 450MB 120MB DAY 330MB NIGHT 1 day ==== *141*120#




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