How To Register For Equity Eazzy Chama Account In Kenya (2022)


You should read this article if you want to learn how to register for Equity Bank’s Eazzy Chama service in Kenya.
Do you realize that as a Chama, you may now monitor  your Chama account transactions more easily than ever before?

Eazzychama, one of the Equity solutions, will let you manage your account as a group or Chama by tracking all transactions and increasing transparency.

However, before you can utilize the service, you must first understand how to register for the Equity bank Eazzy Chama service.

Eazzy Chama provides much-needed stability to joint or collective account holders who previously had to physically complete out tedious paperwork at bank branches in order for the Chama to carry out any transaction from the account.

Eazzy Chama allows a single authority to take funds from the group account without having to go to a bank or sign any paperwork.

To effect a withdrawal or any other transaction, all three top group executives were initially expected to visit the bank and sign banking documents.

All data from the Equity Bank Chama account is preserved in the cloud and can be viewed by any group member at any time and from anywhere.

Manual bookkeeping is no longer required for the Equity Bank Kenya Chama account.

Features of the EazzyChama Platform

It is pertinent that you read the service feature before registering for the service.

The following are some of the EazzyChama features:

1. All transactions, including as deposits, withdrawals, and fund transfers, can be tracked by any Equity Bank Chama member.

2. Every member can be managed by the group, and each member can see his or her monthly or lifetime contributions, group statement, penalties, and other financial transactions.

3. The Chama can set up a transaction schedule and be reminded to complete it, avoiding penalties or additional fees.

4. When carrying out any transaction from the group account, no paperwork is required.

Everything is done through the internet.

How do I sign up for an Equity Eazzy Chama Account?

It’s simple to register your Chama if you’re happy with the Eazzy Chama service.

If you want to sign up for Equity Bank Kenya’s Eazzy Chama service, follow these simple steps:

• Go to the Eazzy Chama website and sign up.

• Providing accurate information in all required fields.

• Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the signup button.

• You’ll have finished configuring your group’s profile.

• After that, you must add the group member.

• You can add new members here and update the list if a member joins the group.

• You’ll need to open a group bank account with Equity Bank Kenya as well.

• You can either add the group’s existing equity bank account or create a new one.

• You’ll also need to put together a collective contribution.

• Your Chama is now ready to use the EAZZY Chama service after competing, filling in all of these details, and marking it as ‘finished.’

That’s all there is to it when it comes to registering for Equity Bank’s Eazzy Chama service in Kenya.

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