How To Swipe A Card

You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn how to swipe a card or how the card swipe machine operates.
In this post on how to swipe a card, we will discuss the fundamentals of the card swipe machine, its operation, and the best swipe machines available.
With the rise of cashless culture, people now choose to carry cards instead of cash for many types of transactions.

This is due to the fact that it is simple, uncomplicated, and you no longer have to worry about your money being stolen.

Cards, including credit and debit, and mPOS machines are ubiquitous. Every individual carries a minimum of one card at all times.

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Before detailing how to swipe a card or how the card swipe machine operates, let’s first define the card swipe machine.

For card transactions to be successful, a card swipe machine is required. A card swipe machine’s primary purpose is to process payments made using credit and debit cards.

Paytm card swipe devices are among the few that can also process refunds. Using a credit card swipe machine, it is also possible to obtain information on daily transactions.

The ATM swipe machine can also be periodically updated. Card-swiping devices for ATMs aid in the operation of retail businesses, restaurants, and other establishments.



Using a POS swipe machine is rather simple. You swipe the card through the ATM’s card reader. In light of this, we will now examine how the card swipe machine operates and how to swipe a card.

In less than 30 seconds, the funds are transferred from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account. But what occurs throughout these seconds? Let’s find out.

Here are five easy steps that demonstrate how a card swipe machine operates:

In order for a transaction to occur, the card and the card swipe machine must be in physical contact.

After the magnetic stripe on the debit or credit card is moved or passes through a console at the merchant, a transaction becomes active.

There are more sorts of swipe cards that require only a tap to the card reader.

• Step 2: Electronic System Use

The card transmits information via the EIS or electronic information system. A network connection is established to verify all of the debit or credit card information provided.

The majority of ways for establishing a link involve electronic equipment with the appropriate programming to read the data from a swiped card. In addition, it requires a network connection via a wireless network or a telephone line.

After the swipe card makes contact with the POS swipe machine, the card’s information is delivered to a system to process the transaction’s essential data.

This stage verifies that the debit or credit card is valid and has sufficient funds to cover the purchase.

• Step 4: Additional Validation

Some cards may also require extra verification after being swiped. This is done to validate the user’s identity and legitimacy.

During transaction processing, cardholders may be required to enter their identification numbers.

After swiping, some of the cards may additionally deduct transaction fees if the user is paying with a credit card.

This is because every time you use a credit card, the merchant is charged a fee. Technically, a corporation is taxed a percentage between 1.6% and 3%.

This is in addition to the annual fee the corporation is required to pay to meet the credit card verification criteria. After a card is swiped at a bank, additional costs may be assessed to the account holder.


Now that you understand how to swipe a card and how a card swipe machine operates, let’s examine the top card swipe machines available.

There are numerous card swipe machines available, and the ideal one relies entirely on the individual’s needs and specifications. Let’s examine the leading providers of seven-card swipe machines:



PayUMoney’s mobile point-of-sale machine offers the most cost-effective card swipe machines in India. It is the most recent brand to begin manufacturing card swipe machines.

It accepts debit cards, credit cards, RuPay, Visa, and other payment methods. Even the smallest shops in the globe utilise it.

Why Select PayUMoney Credit Card Scanner?

• Zero setup cost

• Launch within 48 hours

• No monthly leases are necessary

• No minimum balance condition

• Link to any financial institution

• Facilitates all payment options

• No documents are

• Must initiate integration

• Personalized checkout process


The Paynear ATM card reader is mostly utilised by small and medium-sized enterprises. It is utilised in hotels, shops, hospitals, restaurants, and numerous other establishments. It is frequently seen in local kinara shops and other establishments, as it is highly user-friendly.

Why Choose a Paynear card reader?

• Credit and debit cards can be utilised concurrently

• Offers the option of card-on-delivery

• Collects money at clients’ convenience

• Serves as a functional cash register with all necessary characteristics

• Automated settlements for all types of payments

• Customers can also pay with wallets


The PayPal card swipe machine is well-known for online payments, but it is also one of its primary services. With a PayPal credit card reader, one may simply send or receive money, as well as create a merchant account.

You only need to enter the amount and swipe your card. On the card swipe machine, you can even preserve a record of every transaction.

Why Select PayPal Point-of-Sale Swipe Machine?

• Simple pricing

• Accept all forms of payment

• Live customer support

• No long-term obligation

• Credit card protection


The Bijlipay ATM card reader allows for the collecting of data. It can also print digital receipts and record digital signatures.

With the aid of a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) equipment, you will have access to all transactional data in real time.

It helps manage end-to-end payment procedures, including ME payouts and risk profiling, while reducing paper usage.

Why Choose a Credit Card Swipe Machine from Bijlipay?

• Customizing payment methods is possible

• Oversees end-to-end payment processes

• Offers the highest transaction success rates in the industry

• All payment requirements, including mPOS, SDK int, eCommerce PG, and GPRS POS, are met.

Paytm Card Swiping Device

Paytm’s card swipe machines have recently been introduced. They are appropriate for all business types.

And since Paytm is popular among many merchants, it appears appropriate for Paytm to manufacture their own card swipe devices. Paytm card swipe machines are safe, straightforward, and compatible with all forms of cashless payments.

Why Select a Paytm Debit Card Swiping Machine?

• One-time payments are accepted

• Provides same-day settlement

• A single platform enables the use of credit/debit cards, UPI, wallets, and online banking

• Secure hardware enables secure payments

• Send electronic receipts through SMS

HDFC Swipe Machine

The first bank in India to launch its own POS swiping machine is HDFC Bank. The mPOS swipe machine facilitates all electronic transactions.

At the conclusion of each day, the credit card swipe machine provides a report detailing all credit and debit transactions.

Why Select an HDFC Swipe Machine?

• In addition to credit and debit cards, accepts BharatQR, UPI, PayZapp wallet, and SMS Pay.

• Acceptance of all payment types at a single terminal

• Financial advantages because UPI is the cheapest digital transaction method.

• User-friendly interface for selecting payment methods

• Payment security for clients with fewer disputes and chargebacks

• Upgrade to DiGiPOS at no extra charge

SBI Swipe Machine

State Bank of India has introduced SBI swipe machine services to facilitate cashless transactions for its clients.

In the event of a complaint regarding its mPOS services, SBI offers support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there is no requirement to maintain a minimum balance.

Why Select an SBI ATM Card Swiping Machine?

• SBI Credit card terminals are protected, preventing card duplication.

• Works flawlessly for retailers, increasing their sales

• Customers may rely on SBI because it is one of India’s largest banks.

• There are no extra service fees

• Numerous point-of-sale terminals, including PSTN, mPOS, NFS-enabled, desktop GPRS, etc., are available.

Payswiff Credit Card Scanner

The Payswiff swiping machine provides merchants with a safe and user-friendly method for accepting payments and printing receipts. Due to its larger battery, the Payswiff card reader has a longer lifespan and integrates easily with SIM and WiFi.

Why Select a Payswiff POS machine?

This debit card swipe machine accepts both contact and contactless debit cards.

• Transactions do not require a connection to an app or machine.

• Deliver receipts to clients via SMS and email

• Secure financial transactions

• This ATM swipe machine can support card-on-delivery transactions.

Mosambee Card Swiping Device

The credit card reader from Mosambee facilitates cashless payments with credit and debit cards. The Bluetooth-enabled Mosambee ATM swipe machine can be connected to a mobile device.


Why Choose the Mosambee ATM card reader?

• Conforming to RBI and credit card standards

• Using this POS swipe machine, you can accept both magnetic stripe and chip cards.

• It is cost-effective for vendors and retailers

• Authentication for Adhar and UIDAI

• Compatible with all sorts of POS transactions, including sale pre-authorization, void, etc.


• The merchant may make a request to their respective bank. The bank would then need the merchant to meet two conditions.

• Their establishment must be legitimate and in operation for at least six months.

• The applicant would next be needed to submit identification documents, proof of address, financial documents, etc.

• In the final step prior to installation, you will be asked to pay an installation fee and recurring monthly fees.