How to use Gtbank WhatsApp Banking for enquiries, requests and access your bank information

You’re looking for a different way to communicate with your bank on your phone besides calling them. Mobile banking and online banking
Gtbank has introduced a new way to conduct business known as WhatsApp banking, which is a non-intrusive service that does not require users to download a new app or use additional data to access the options available.

This works with the existing WhatsApp app and is ready to use right away. The WhatsApp Business Solution is a new way to connect with customers who have questions or requests.

The platform allows you to manage your banking service needs from the comfort and security of your own home.

1. What does this mean? You can now block your account with Gtbank Whatsapp Banking if it has been compromised.

2. request an account statement and account history

3. If your card is stolen, apply for an ATM card or hotlink your card.

4. File a complaint via WhatsApp instead of going to the bank.

5. Find the closest branch or ATM

6. Apply for/ learn about various banking products/ services.

7. Offers / Services

8. Obtain a Mini Statement

9. Request for a Cheque Book

10. Review the most recent transaction


1. Customers should add the number 09060001601 to their contacts and say “Hi” from their registered mobile number to connect with GTBank on WhatsApp.

2. Open their WhatsApp mobile app and use the recommended prompts to request any banking service.

3. By initiating a conversation on the above number, you are agreeing to the WhatsApp Banking Terms and Conditions.

Please note that, depending on the user’s internet connection, all service requests, including account balance, will be processed immediately.

Customers can use the Whatsapp platform to access Gtbank banking services that are cheaper, faster, and more convenient wherever and whenever they want to bank.

Customers can also contact Gtbank through the channels listed below.

Everyone is welcome to send DMs to @gtbank help on Twitter. For prompt resolution, send them a message with your service/account issues and inquiries. The GTBank Help Centre offers a step-by-step guide to resolving all service complaints and inquiries.

So, whenever you require assistance with any of our products or services, please contact us. Visit for more information.

gtbank on Instagram: Please visit the help center for CUSTOMER SERVICE.

@gtbank Financial Service on Facebook or

Please keep in mind that only you have access to your account. This is why you should never share your internet banking login information with anyone through any means of communication. Also, keep your ATM card information, pin, and token private.

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