How To Withdraw From Zenith Bank ATM Without ATM Card

Zenith bank has implemented cardless withdrawals to enable you to take cash from an ATM even if you do not have your ATM card with you. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for instructions on how to utilize Zenith bank’s cardless withdrawal code, you’ve come to the right place. This post will walk you through the process of withdrawing money from a Zenith ATM without using an ATM card. This also covers withdrawals from other banks’ ATMs, for which your own bank account would be charged.

You’re probably aware of how inconvenient it is to arrive at an ATM stand and realize that you’ve forgotten your ATM card. Chai, I’ve experienced that sensation. Consider the hardship of returning to retrieve it. With time and energy spent, you may find yourself abandoning your withdrawal goal if it is time-sensitive.
Withdrawal without a card Your only option is to contact Zenith Bank. As a zenith bank customer, you may make ATM withdrawals using your phone. This may sound unfamiliar to you, yet it works well. This article will demonstrate how to use Zenith Bank’s cardless withdrawal feature.

This will alleviate the tension associated with returning home to retrieve your ATM card. This is incredible, isn’t it? True, digital banking is improving the banking sector and making it more user-friendly. Each bank is launching new platforms to improve the banking experience for its customers. This website has several tips to assist you in comprehending and mastering the usage of your bank’s digital services; read more on this page.

How To Make A Cash Withdrawal From A Zenith Bank ATM Without Using An ATM CardTo begin, you must activate zenith bank ussd banking. If you haven’t already, read our tutorial on how to enable Zenith Bank mobile banking and follow the instructions there. Then follow the instructions below.

• Enter *966*60#

• Next, pick 5.

• Type 7 to generate or cancel a code for cardless withdrawal.

• Then, as instructed on-screen, generate your pay code.

• You will receive an SMS with the 12-digit pay code.

• Now, locate the zenith bank ATM that is closest to you. If you are not near a zenith bank location, proceed to the nearest bank ATM that offers cardless withdrawal/quickteller.

• Then, using any of the ATM card’s buttons, pick the pay code or cardless withdrawal option.

• Enter the cashout code (pay code numbers), followed by your phone number and the withdrawal amount requested.

• Then, execute the instruction displayed on the screen.

• Now, calmly wait for the ATM to validate your information.

• Gather your cash.

Additional Methods of Using Zenith Bank’s Cardless Withdrawal


There are further methods to benefit from zenith bank cardless withdrawals. You may enroll in their mobile banking service. After selecting the cardless withdrawal option, follow the on-screen prompts to get a pay code. To withdraw, visit an ATM and follow the instructions outlined above.

Another technique of zenith bank cardless withdrawal is by biometric withdrawal. This feature is available exclusively on Zenith bank ATMs equipped with fingerprint withdrawal. Visit the ATM stand, push any button, and select either fingerprint or biometric withdrawal. To withdraw your funds, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

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