How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Card

Therefore, if you lose your ATM card and want cash. No need to be concerned; you may withdraw cash from an ATM without using your debit card. Cardless withdrawals are the norm today. Withdrawals are now possible without the need of a debit card. This is more secure and safe, since it eliminates the danger of your card falling into the wrong hands.
Discover how to benefit from cardless withdrawals at your first bank. I’ve experimented and discovered what works. It has been validated and tested by the first bank. Read this article thoroughly to understand how to withdraw cash from a bank ATM without using an ATM card.

The Advantages Of Cardless Withdrawal From First Bank

• You may withdraw cash from an ATM without using a debit or credit card.

• Fund transfers are simple.



• It alleviates concerns about hackers gaining access to your bank account. The payment code is only valid for a period of 24 hours.

• You may help a stranded friend or family member by providing them your withdrawal code.

• It alleviates the worry associated with obtaining a replacement ATM card or misplacing one.

• You can assist a third party who is in need of assistance with his or her card.


How To Make An ATM Withdrawal Without Using An ATM Card As A First-Time Bank User

• Dial *848*Value#

• Follow the on-screen prompts, then verify the transaction with your PIN.

• As prompted, create the four-digit pin; this is a one-time password for the cash withdrawal.

• Enter the desired withdrawal amount and click Send.

• You will then get a message with a 12-digit pay code.

• Immediately upon receipt of the notice, seek the closest first bank ATM.

• On the ATM, press the Enter key.

• Select cardless withdrawal/Paycode and then input your personal pin.

• Then enter the four-digit one-time password that you generated previously.

• Next, input your pay code (12 digits code sent to you as SMS).

• Enter the withdrawal amount and your phone number.

• Then, patiently wait for the ATM to validate your information and disburse cash.

Perhaps there is no first bank ATM in the region where you live. Proceed to the nearest ATM with the pay code. Withdraw using the procedure outlined above.

NOTE: While the majority of ATMs use the term “cardless withdrawal,” they really employ PayCode. Therefore, choose a pay code and complete your purchase.


UPDATE: First Bank has launched an ATM that supports biometric withdrawals. This means that as a new bank customer, you may withdraw using your fingerprint.

Find a First Bank ATM that offers biometric withdrawals. To withdraw, select fingerprint and follow the on-screen instructions. You may now use your fingerprint to withdraw money from the first ATM.