MTN code to check Data and Airtime account balance, Subscribe to social media, transfer airtime and data to others

Do you wish to check the amount of your MTN Telecommunication network account but don’t know how? Instead of phoning customer service, which will take extra time for them to react to your call, why not look for the solution on Google?

MTN Nigeria has released a power pack that would allow users to check their account balance regardless of whether they are on a postpaid or prepaid plan. Customers will be able to get a summary of their airtime, Voice and Data package, and bonus balances through Flash notification message by entering the magic code. You’d also receive an SMS notice with a thorough breakdown of all active balances.

MTN has also launched Data Referral, Goodybag social, and data gifting services. These are one-of-a-kind packages created for its subscribers. As one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s fastest-growing and most well-known telecommunications networks,

Every MTN customer buys data and recharges their account with airtime on a regular basis, and they would undoubtedly want to know whether their MTN airtime balance or data balance has been updated with their most recent transaction.

This post will show you how to check your MTN Nigeria airtime and data balance. When you make a referral and purchase a Goodybag social plan, data, and airtime gifting, you will receive 10% of the data bundle activated.

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How to Check the Balance of Your MTN Account

Simply call *131*4# or text ‘2’ to 131 to check your MTN Nigeria data balance. In summary, dialing *556# is the quickest way to check your account balance on the MTN network.

1. Please dial *559# to check your MTN bonus balance.
2. Text 2 to 131.
3. USSD: enter *131*4#

How to Verify MTN Airtime Balance

Dial *558# for postpaid and *556# for prepaid to check your MTN Nigeria telephone Recharge or Airtime balance.

How to Take Advantage of MTN’s 10% Data Bundle Referrals to friends and family

Do you know that MTN consumers may get 10% off their data bundle if they recommend friends and family members? Know someone who hasn’t used their MTN line for internet activity in the last 30-365 days and wants to purchase a data bundle?


You may recommend friends using the following channels:

1. USSD: Dial *131*1*Referred Phone number# from your phone.
2. SMS: send REF(space)Referred Phone Number (space)
131 data points

You will receive a 10% bonus on the first data bundle purchased by each person(s) you recommend, and the person referred will receive a 50% bonus on the data bundle that they purchase.

To use the data referral service, recommend them today by phoning *131*1*Referred Phone number#. Please keep in mind that you may only recommend ten (10) phone numbers per day for Data Referral, and there is no fee for sending referrals for my Data Referral.

MTN’s social media strategy is known as GoodyBag Social.

The MTN Social Media Plan, also known as GoodyBag Social Bundles, allows MTN users to have unrivaled access to their favorite social media applications such as Facebook, Eskimi, WeChat, 2GO, WhatsApp (Voice & Video Calls not enabled), YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Customers will be able to subscribe to a social bundle plan for as little as N25 daily, N50 weekly, and N150 monthly, or purchase an All Social Bundle plan for N50 daily, N100 weekly, and N250 monthly to have access to Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Ayoba, WeChat, 2GO, Vskit, and Eskimi. You may also purchase a special social bundle package that allows you to solely broadcast on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok for as little as N100.

You might also subscribe to Social Mega Bundles for as little as N200 for 750MB and N300 for 1GB without breaking the bank. Within the grace period, you will be able to roll over your unused data.

Who is eligible for this promotion?

The Social Bundle is available to all MTN subscribers. MTN Prepaid users will be able to take advantage of the Social Mega Bundle.

How to Sign Up for MTN’s Social Media Bundle

To subscribe to the MTN Social Media Bundle, phone *131*3*6# and choose your desired plan OR text the keyword of your favorite All Social Bundle to 131.

How can I prevent the automatic renewal of any of the social bundles?

To stop MTN automatic renewal, send STOP+keyword to 131 for a single Social Bundle, such as STOPWCM for WeChat monthly plan, and NO+keyword to 131 for other bundles, such as NOASD to 131 for All Social Daily, or NOYIB to 131 for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok Bundle, and NOWFM to 131 for WhatsApp & Facebook Bundles (Beta Talk Customers Only). NOSDM to 131, for example, for the 3 Days Social Mega Bundle, and NOSDW to 131 for the Weekly Social Mega Bundle.

How can I check the amount of my Social Bundle?

KINDLY call *131*4# to check your MTN Social Bundle balance; after done, your social media bundle balance will be shown on the mobile phone screen.

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How much does the MTN Social bundle cost?

In the case of a single Social Bundle (GoodyBag):
N25 daily plan
N50 for a weekly plan
Monthly subscription – N150

To apply to all Social Bundles:
N50 for a daily plan, N100 for a weekly plan
Monthly subscription – N250

Only for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok Bundle: Daily plan – N100

Bundle for WhatsApp and Facebook
N25 for a daily plan, N50 for a weekly plan, and N100 for a monthly plan.

For the Social Mega Bundle

N200 for a three-day plan and N300 for a weekly plan.

Q. Will my subscription include a data allowance?

A. Yes, however the following fair usage policy applies.

To purchase a single Social Bundle:
Plan for the day – 25MB
Weekly quota – 50MB
150MB monthly plan

For Instagram Social Bundle, the daily plan is 250MB, and the three-day package is 1GB.

To apply to all Social Bundles:

150MB daily plan
Weekly allocation – 350MB
1GB monthly plan

Bundle for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok Only:
–350MB per day

For WhatsApp & Facebook Bundles (Only BetaTalk):
100MB daily plan
Weekly Data Plan – 200MB
500MB Monthly Plan

For the Social Mega Bundle (Prepaid Customers Only)
Weekly plan – 1GB 3 days plan – 750MB

How to Distribute MTN Data and Airtime to Friends and Family.

Transferring data from your active MTN data balance to friends, purchasing data for friends, and requesting data from friends Simply call *131*Phone number* Data amount# or text Transferspace> to get started. telephone number>space> Amount of data and up to 131

To purchase data for a friend, call *131*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary’s Phone Number#.

Request Information from a Friend: To verify all of your existing requests, dial *131*7*3#. Simply enter *131*7*4#.

Please keep in mind that you can only transfer twice each day. However, the total quantity of data you may send at any given moment and in a day is 1GB.

How can I find out how much my given package is worth?

You may check your data bundle balance using the following channels:
USSD: calling *131*4# SMS: texting 2 to 131

MTN Airtime Sharing and Transfer

MTN Share and Transfer Airtime enables MTN users to transfer airtime straight from one MTN number to another.

There is, however, a PIN mechanism to prevent illegal usage of MTN Share on your account. Before you can start a sharing, you must first alter the default PIN to your own four-digit code. It is possible to do so using SMS or USSD code.

How to Generate an MTN Share PIN Via SMS

Type ‘0000 Unique PIN Unique PIN’ into your phone’s text messaging program and send it to 777, where 0000 is your default PIN. For example, send ‘0000 0803 0803’ to 777; 0803 becomes your MTN Share PIN.

How to Generate an MTN Share PIN using a USSD Code

Simply enter *600*default PIN*unique PIN*Unique PIN#, or *600*0000*0803*0803#. 0803 is now your MTN Share PIN.

Furthermore, if you want to change your MTN Share PIN to a different group of numbers later on, you may do so quickly using SMS and the USSD Code *600#. This is required when we do a password reset.

Change your MTN Share PIN Using SMS and USSD Code

Type ‘Current PIN Unique PIN Unique PIN’ in your text message and send it to 777. For instance, enter ‘0803 0703 0703# and send to 777, where 0803 is your current PIN. 0703 is now your new PIN.

In order to use a USSD code with MTN, Dial *600*Current PIN*New PIN*New PIN# to get started. For example, *600*0803* 0703*0703# becomes your new PIN. You may also alter your MTN PIN by dialing *777*2# > Current PIN > New PIN > New PIN. Share this pin.

How to Transfer MTN Airtime

To get started with MTN Airtime transfer, there are five options available, from which you may select the one that best meets your needs.

1.Send an SMS with the subject ‘Transfer MTN Phone number Amount PIN#. ‘Transfer 08060000000 500 0099# and send to 777, for example. To confirm the purchase, text ‘Yes’ to 777. This sends N500 from your MTN account to 08060000000.

2. Enter the code *600*08060000000*500*0099#. This sends N500 from your MTN account to 08060000000.

3. Enter *777*1# > Recipient’s Name > Amount > PIN

4. myMTN app > Sender’s phone number > OTP > Recharge > MTN Share > Amount > PIN > Receiver’s MTN Number > Continue

5. MTN Smart Web > Sender’s phone number > OTP > Recharge > MTN Share > Amount > PIN > Receiver’s MTN Number > Continue