Penfed credit union-How to enroll for mobile app and online and Check Deposit

With PenFed Credit Union’s online banking and Mobile App, you can Stay on top of your finances, bank on the go by transferring money, paying bills, viewing your transaction history, and performing a variety of other financial transactions without entering a bank.

Before you can enjoy this seamless service, you must enroll for online banking and a mobile app. New customers can also read this post to learn how to become a PenFed member, which also requires enrollment.

You are also instructed on how to update contact information, obtain E-Statements, increase credit card credit lines, upload documents, and make mobile deposits. If you are not yet a member, please visit How to Join PenFed Credit Union.

How to Become a Member of the PenFed Credit Union



Membership in the Pentagon Federal Credit Union is available to anyone; all you need to do is open a savings account with a $5 initial deposit to become a member and begin receiving benefits and discounts on all products and loans. Additionally, you must choose the type of membership account you wish to open: either a Regular Share account or a Premium Online Savings account.

Benefits and importance of Penfed Credit Union’s mobile app and online banking

1.You can use the Penfed credit union’s online and mobile banking services from your home office to monitor and manage your accounts.

2.Online banking enables direct bill payment from bank accounts.
3.Online banking will save you time
4.Checks Can Be Deposited Using Penfed Mobile Banking
5.You can view your balance and review account transaction details
6.Verify the standing of your loan and credit card applications

You may also pay a PenFed loan, mortgage, or credit card account.
8.Create alerts for all PenFed credit and debit card accounts regarding upcoming travel.
You can easily transfer funds between PenFed accounts and accounts at other financial institutions or schedule recurring transfers.

How to Register for PenFed Online

You must enroll in the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Online banking and Mobile app before you can take advantage of the convenient services, including fund transfers, bill payments, mobile check deposits, and a variety of other transactions.

After registering for online banking, you can download the PenFed Mobile app to access your PenFed accounts on the go.

1.Visit to initiate the online enrollment process for PenFed Online.
2. Select Create your online account
3.Enter your phone number, birthdate, and Social Security number.
4.conclude the one-time-passcode procedure by confirming your identity.
5.Enter your username and password, then tap the Submit button.
6.After completion, you should receive a notification of success.

How to Boost Credit Card Limits

You can increase your Credit Card Credit Lines through PenFed Online by submitting a credit limit increase application for any of your card products.

1.To accomplish this, log in to your online banking account.
2.Search for a credit card and then click the arrow next to Additional account information and actions.
3.Tap Request an Increase in Credit Line.
4.Fill out the application form.

How to Become a Member of Penfed Credit Union E-Statements

To enroll in Penfed E-Statements, log in to PenFed Online and select the Account Actions tab.

Enter your delivery preferences (paper or electronic) for available statements, documents, and alerts, and then click Save.

While employing PenFed Mobile

1.Press the Menu button
2.Click Settings followed by Go Paperless.
3.Choose Paperless… for Everything! If you want PenFed to deliver all available statements, documents, and alerts electronically, check the box, otherwise select each item separately.

4.Read the disclosures for PenFed Paperless settings and the Electronic Tax Disclosure, and then check the appropriate boxes to indicate your acceptance.

How to Upload Files through the Penfed Credit Union

Utilizing the Secure Upload portal, PenFed enables customers to upload their documents from the comfort of their own homes, without having to visit a bank branch.

If you are a Member, please:

Sign in to the PenFed Online system. Click Secure Document Upload in the I Want To section of the right-hand side of the screen.

Those Who Are Not Members:

Visit and enter your name, email address, and last name.
5.Tap Save Settings.

Choose the most applicable Category and Document Type. Select Other if you are uncertain which category to use.
3. Select your file by clicking Upload Files.
To upload additional documents, click the Upload another document button.
5. Click Submit.

Penfed Credit Union: Transfer Instructions

Follow the steps below to easily transfer funds from your Penfed online banking and mobile app.
1.Sign in to the PenFed Online website.
2.Select the Transfers option.
3.Select Transfer between PenFed Accounts or Transfer to/from External Accounts.
Set the transfer amount, date, frequency, and other options.
5. Press Continue
Review the transfer information and then click Submit.

Transfer of funds through the PenFed mobile application

Follow the steps below to easily transfer money from your Penfed mobile app.

1.Press the Menu button
2.Select Deposits & Transfers, followed by Transfer Money.
3.Select the transfer details, including the sending and receiving accounts, the amount, and the frequency.
4.To review the details of your transfer, tap Continue.
5.To complete the transfer, tap Make Transfer.

Penfed Federal Credit Union Mobile Deposit Checks

Follow the steps below to easily deposit checks to your Penfed checking account via your mobile app by taking photos of your checks.

1.Press the Menu button
2.Select Deposits & Transfers followed by Make Deposit.
3.Select the account where the funds will be deposited and enter the amount.
4.Tap the Front of Check image icon, followed by the Back of Check image icon, to take photos of both sides of the check that are clear and well-lit.
5.Tap Continue.
6. Confirm the accuracy of the deposit details, then tap Deposit Check.

How to Pay from the Penfed Credit Union

Follow the steps below to easily pay your business partner, loans, credit cards, and mortgages from your mobile app and online banking.

Beginning with PenFed Mobile

Log in to the mobile application.
2.Touch the Menu button
3.Select the card you wish to pay by tapping Credit Card Payments > Make Payment or Loan Payments > Make Payment.
4.Select the payment information, including the amount, date, and frequency.
5.To review your payment details, tap Continue.
6.To complete the payment, tap Make Payment.

From the PenFed Online Website

To pay your PenFed mortgage or home equity loan, access PenFed Online’s Mortgage and Home Loan Dashboard. To arrive there:

1.Sign in to the PenFed Online website.

Home loans and mortgages

2.Navigate to your account and click the button labeled View Account Details. This will take you to the dashboard.
3.Click Payment Information and follow the on-screen instructions to make a payment.

Credit Cards, Loans, and Credit Lines

1.Sign in to the PenFed Online website.
2.Scroll until you locate your account, then click the blue Payment button. (Loan accounts indicate Make a Payment and Make Payment are displayed on Credit Card accounts.)
3.Specify the payment amount, frequency, and other options.
4.Click Proceed.
Review the payment information and then click Submit.



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