PNC Bank Swift Code For International Wire Transfer

Do you need the PNC Bank Swift Code? Swift code is required for both domestic and international wire transfers. Keep in mind that different swift codes are used by different banks for different banking services and branches.
The fastest way to receive money from your bank account is still via wire transfer. Once the sender has your information, including Swift code, The sender will start the transfer with your information.

PNC Bank Wire Transfer Swift Code


PNC Bank Swift Codes for international and domestic transfers are listed below. This code is used by banks to communicate in order for the transfer to take place. It aids in the planning and execution of transactions.


(8 characters)
BRANCH Primary Office
COUNTRY United State America

What Exactly Is Swift Code?

In international money transfers, Swift codes or BIC codes are used to identify banks. These are the codes that banks use to process your international transfer, ensuring that your funds reach their intended destination. For international wire transfers, Swift codes are used.

Swift and BIC codes are frequently interchanged (Bank identifier code). Swift codes are either 11 or 8 characters long. The 11-digit code identifies a specific bank branch, whereas the 8-digit code identifies the bank’s headquarters. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications manages and issues Swift codes (SWIFT).

You now know what a swift code is and how it is used to identify your bank branch when sending money internationally. If you live in Canada and need to send money to someone in the United States. You’ll need the receiver’s bank’s swift code. This will aid in identifying the account to which the funds will be transferred.


When making an international wire transfer, Swift codes can help you avoid making mistakes with the transfer destination. It ensures that your money is properly accounted for (gets to the right receiver). “What is a Swift Code?” I believe I’ve answered your question.

How Does A Swift Code Appear?

A detailed description of swift code can be found below. It has 11 characters, but it can also be 8 characters. I’ll use 11 characters as examples on this page. An example of swift code is shown below.


It can be broken down to these sections:


Part 1: The first four characters “AAAA” identify the global presence of the bank (institution). This applies to all of their bank branches.

Part 2: The country where the bank is located is represented in this section of the swift code.

Part 3: This section depicts the bank branch’s location.

Part 4: This section is specific to the receiving bank branch. In this section, no other bank will have the same code. It differs from one bank to the next.

IBAN vs. Swift Codes

You might be wondering why IBAN is required. Is it similar to Swift code? Depending on where you’re sending the money, IBAN comes into play. Consider this: if you’re directing someone to a building, swift codes will direct them in the same way that a pathway or road path would. While IBAN will assist the location in finding an apartment in the building.

The IBAN is an abbreviation for International Bank Account Number. It’s used to identify a specific bank account within a company. It is not used by all countries; for example, IBAN is required for transfers to European countries but not for payments to the United States.

BIC vs. Swift Code

When I was explaining the meaning of swift code, I used BIC. I’m sure you’ve been wondering how they’re connected. Swift codes and BIC codes are interchangeable. Business identifier code is abbreviated as BIC.

Is a bank’s Swift Code the same for all branches?

“NO” is the answer to this question. Swift codes are unique to each bank branch. This swift code is specific to the bank branch that will receive the funds you are sending.

Before sending an international wire transfer, double-check the code that your bank requires.