Servus Credit Union Institution Number Explained (Canada)

Are you looking for the Servus credit union’s Canadian institution number? Continue reading this guide to learn more.

The Servus institution number is a unique identifier for the bank.

We’ll begin by defining an institution number in the banking industry.

What Is An Institutional Number?

A financial institution’s institution number is a three-digit code.

Each financial institution has a different and unique number.

As a result, you can identify your bank or financial institution by using the institution number assigned to it.

When writing your account number, you must include the identifying number for the financial institution with which the account is associated.

After you’ve grasped the concept, we’ll demonstrate how to locate a Servus institution number in Canada.

Servus Credit Union’s Institutional Number

Edmonton Alberta Servus credit union’s institution number is 899.

This is the financial institution’s code number.

We’ll begin by demonstrating how to locate a Servus institution number.

How To Obtain A Servus Institution Identification Number In Canada

To transfer funds to or from the Servus credit union account, you will need the three account numbers.

You’ll need the financial institution’s routing number, the transit number for the branch, and the account number.

Please use the following options to locate the Servus institution number (899):

1. Examine your checkbook.

If you have a checkbook, it’s simple to locate the financial institution’s number.

Check the check’s bottom-most portion.

You’ll notice that there are three groups of numbers there.

The second group of three-digit numbers is the institution’s number.

2. Log in to your online banking account.

When logging into Servus credit union’s online banking, you should have access to your account number.

The three digits in the center of the numbers represent your institution’s identification number.

3. Verify the list of bank account numbers.

You can obtain the institution’s number by consulting the list of Canadian bank codes.

You can even obtain the specific branch numbers here.

4. Incorporate a routing number.

Occasionally, the institution number (899) appears as a routing number.

A routing number begins with a zero, followed by a three-digit financial institution identification number and a five-digit branch identification number.

This page contains information on how to locate a Servus credit union institution number (899) in Canada.

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