Servus Credit Union Mastercard In Canada, The Ultimate Guide

Our article today will examine the Servus credit union Mastercard in Canada.
Mastercard is the world’s largest processor of credit and debit card transactions.

Mastercard has partnered with financial institutions such as Servus to offer their customers faster and more convenient payment options.

To begin, we will demonstrate how to use a Mastercard.

In Canada, How To Use Your Servus Credit Union Mastercard

You can make transactions with your Servus Mastercard anywhere in Canada.

You can purchase your preferred goods or services at any merchant accepting Mastercard.

To make a payment with a Mastercard, you must swipe it through a Mastercard processing machine.

You will be prompted to enter your PIN, at which point the funds will be deducted from your account.

Additionally, you can easily withdraw funds from ATMs that accept the Servus credit union Mastercard.

This section describes how to use your Servus Mastercard in Canada.

Mastercard Servus Credit Union Canada

The Servus Mastercards are available in a variety of colors.

To apply for a new Mastercard, stop by any branch and complete an application form.

To activate your card, you must enter a PIN and check your account balance at the nearest Servus credit union ATM.

Typically, your Mastercard displays your Servus account number.

On the Mastercard, your name and expiration date are also printed.

When your Mastercard’s expiration date approaches, you must renew it at a Servus branch near you or by calling customer service at 1.800.543.5073.

You will be unable to conduct transactions if you do not renew the card.

This concludes our coverage of Servus credit union’s Mastercard.

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